Back in the day , I’d spend a good 10 minutes finding related targets for my Teespring campaigns.

Now, it usually takes me less than a minute.

Facebook released an ‘auto-suggest’ feature a while ago that automatically suggests targets with close characteristics of your initial target.

The below video explains this.

For example, if we’re trying to laser target men with beards, we would.

1) Find at least one, over 100k interest in audience insights, (see previous gem video).

2) Input this interest into your audience, when targeting. Whether this be in Power editor or the general FaceBook ad editor.

You will see a bunch of autosuggests like the below, highlighted in red.


Now, simply click on the ones you think are targeted. Google any you think are borderline broad. This way, you can quickly come up with a healthy sized, laser targeted audience.

I easily get 6-8 cents Cost per engagements doing this, in many cases, it can go as low as 2-3 cents, occasionally even 1 cent!, (yes, we’re still talking about the U.S).

Hopefully this will help you tremendously in your campaigns. It did for me. Anything that makes the process faster, you should incorporate.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen