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COST: $2,122.29

P/L: $1,519.85





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All that red! I haven’t had a month like this every with Paid Advertising. Luckily I have my blog that keeps in the green.

I thing Teespring decided to give me a hard reality check this month. Stop being lazy and get back into 6th gear.

I think I had a 80-100 campaign streak with no profits. A few break evens’ here and there but nothing I can scale.

A SLOW Month

March was relatively a slow month. My laptop permanently died so I had to switch to using the Macbook. Since I bought it a few months ago I never used it. It was just too much of a change from using Microsoft and I couldn’t be bothered going through it.

This time I had no choice! A good chunk of my time was spent getting used to the Macbook and finding alternatives for the tools and softwares I used with my Asus. It took a while to get back up to speed and I’m still a little slow with things but I’m starting to like it.

I also had to get used to using PhotoShop. All this time I was using Gimp and had become very efficient with designing. I use a lot of shortcuts which make designing a breeze. It took a good 1 week or so to find where everything was and for me to be able to design well with it. Now it’s April and all is back to normal but it was pretty tough changing so much of the process I had been doing for over a year! I guess you just HAVE to do it or you’ll be left behind.

Redefining my Goals

What did I want from all this? Making money has always been my passion. A big part of this was because I wanted to have more free time to do the things I love. I think this is the same reason others are so attracted to online marketing because it SHOULD give you this freedom.

The problem with me is that I love it too much. It consumes my thoughts most of the time and the spare time I DO have, I put back into work. The usual entrepreneurs dilemma.

After seeing so much constant red with my business I felt it was a sign to sit down and see where all this is heading and redefine where I want to be. I wanted to get back into martial arts. I wanted to focus on my health and get into a better diet. There was no time for all this if I was going to spend every waking minute obsessing about Teespring!

Unfortunately Teespring is the type of business where you have to constantly be on your toes. You could come up with a great design and if you’re not in it first, you could lose 10s of thousands. It’s like a full-time job sometimes.

I started to focus on my long term experiments. List building, custom product ecommerce stores etc. More on this later.

Anyway, I started to pack my work time in 4 hours. These 4 hours of the day are ALL I have to achieve my work goals for that day. If I don’t, bad luck. It’s working great because I actually find myself working my butt off instead of spending half the time lazing around!

Office Up And Running

Woohoo I finally got Internet installed in my office! Took me ages but I can finally work from it. I’m finding it increasing difficult to stay focussed with work, at home. I remember last time I had an office, I got so much more done just b being there.

I’m trying it out again. It’s costing me $500/month but I’m working a lot harder so ultimately, it’s a win. I’m also setting the foundation to get some local people to work for me. I need to start delegating things to others or I’m going to reach plateau.

My time should be spent spotting opportunities and delegating these to a team that can promptly execute. THIS is a business. Not some guy sitting in a room doing everything. There’s only so many hours in the day.

Changing My Diet

This HAD to be done. A couple years ago I went raw vegetarian for 3 weeks. The health benefits were unbelievable. From needing little sleep to feeling ready and alert for every waking hour.

I remember jumping out of bed at 4am, ready to work! I felt like superman.

I decided to give the diet another go, this time, incorporate a bit of warm food and very minimal meat. 80-90% of my diet though was going to be fresh organic fruits, veggies and nuts.

I did it for a good 3 weeks and I feel great! Up at 4am again, taking small 1 hour naps in the midday instead of being knocked out for 3 hours. I’m way more alert, more energetic and can focus on tasks much easier. I never cared about dieting but after experiencing it again, it’s hard to go back.

Maintaining this diet has allowed me to get my work done, do 2-3 hours of Kick boxing and still have a lot of energy and time to spare.

It’s difficult to adapt to though. So much food you can’t eat. Not to mention how expensive it is here to eat healthy. It’s worth it though. Nothings better than feeling awesome.


Teespring just did not work for me this month. I felt like there was something wrong in the way I was doing things but the same process had made me 100s of thousands before so it couldn’t be that. I think it was just God telling me to focus on other things so…I did!

Long term Projects

Luckily I started this blog when I did and stuck to it. It’s been able to show me what passive income truly is. I hardly spend an hour a day on it and it brings me a healthy salary.

I wanted this type of business model with my custom apparel business.

Paid marketing -> Teespring is good but it’s so time consuming and if you decide to stop at any time your income drops to a big fat zero.

I can’t have that. I need to build assets. Proper businesses I can sell to people. I decided to run a few competitions. I just started at the end of the month so will blog about it next month but can say I THINK this is the way to go. Basically I run competitions, collect a crap load of emails and email them new products every 2-3 days. Even if I can make 10-15 sales per email I should be be able to make 2k/month per niche MINIMUM.

It just comes down to how much $$ it takes to build that list. I’ll do a proper blog post in time but I’m still collecting data. Once I’m making consistent money I’ll make a bunch of tutorials so you all can do the same.


March was really just a headache. From Nothing working out with Teespring and having to sort out the office, adapt to the Macbook and Photoshop. Everything was just sloowwwwwww.

Oh well, you can’t have profits without taking the losses so just like I always try and do. Keep.Moving.Forward. As long as I’m doing that, I’ll see big profit days.

In terms of what’s in store for April. We’re already 10 days in and I’ve FINALLY got an awesome email list going. 6,000 people and just an email a couple days ago that made 150 sales!!!

It’s awesome. Way more money this way I think. I’ll blog about it in detail. Trust me, it deserves it’s own post. I’ll leave it here.

~ Mateen


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