This is a neat little trick a friend showed me to laser in on targets that you otherwise can’t.

Audience Intersect is a free tool for Teespringers. They partnered up a while ago to allow us to use it which is pretty cool.

Basically what it does is allows you to target people that are interested in MULTIPLE interests instead of just one.

For example pretend there are two targets,

Dog lovers – 200,000, (audience size)

Cat lovers – 200,000, (audience size)

Facebook only allows you to add them with each other, ei, your total audience size should be around 400,000.

Audience intersect allows you to select people that are interested in BOTH targets thus it should REDUCE your audience.

Another example is being able to target people that like Fishing AND Sailing AND Game of Thrones. You wouldn’t be able to do this without using the tool.

This is further explained in the video below.

Although the above examples are a straight forward way you can use the tool. You can ALSO use the tool to target the same niche however target people that are raving fans about it.

How? Well think people that LOVE harry potter.

Not like, I’m talking LOVE! Watched every movie, read every book, obsessed about Daniel Radcliffe, they probably have a Harry Potter Shirt somewhere already.

People that LOVE a niche are more likely to buy something related to it then someone that just likes it.

Using the tool we can intersect those the above factors! So we can now find people that,

Like Harry Potter Movies AND the Books AND Daniel Radcliffe, etc, etc.

You might get a smaller audience but I can guarantee they’ll be more targeted.

In most cases this is not necessary as there will be associations/clubs/magazines about the niche available but in the above example, it IS necessary. There’s no real Harry Potter association or Magazine so we will need to use this method.

Hope this helps,

Keep Springing!

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen