Teespring is a tough nut to crack. These days it’s getting REALLY hard to find profitable designs.

Don’t get me wrong, people still BANK with Teespring, it’s just getting more and more saturated. In times like this you need to be able to find areas/angles people haven’t tried yet.

Selling designs Overseas is one thing many people don’t do. Those that DO and can make it work get insane ROI’s. Why? FB Traffic in other countries are dirt cheap. It’s not uncommon to get 1 – 2 cent clicks in countries such as Spain, Italy, etc.

I’ve personally sold at least 15k+ worth of merchandise overseas.

My main tool is onehourtranslations.com

This site, coupled with the fact that Fabrily auto-translates it’s website based on where they IP address is picked up from make it a killer combo.

Every time you come across a good selling shirt on Teespring, it might be a good idea to translate a similar concept and try it in other countries. The top selling countries are,

– Italy
– Spain
– Russia
– Germany
– France
– Poland
– Brazil

Give it a shot! Don’t be afraid of not being able to speak their language. Fabrily even have an in-house translating team for you! They’ll translate both the shirt AND your FB ad text.

Definitely try it out where you can. You never know what you’ll come across.


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Written by Mateen