Social Sleuth, hmm…is it any good?

I used to use a lot of random methods to do my research when it came to Teespring.

Research basically means to see what kind of shirts are selling. I’ve underlined selling because you don’t want to be getting inspiration from campaigns that you’ve seen around with 0 sales. Check out the video below,

You want to be finding campaigns that have sold 100’s if not 1000’s to see if you can get inspiration to innovate a design off it.

Social Sleuth is a software I came across that lets you search through peoples posts that their sharing in real time! You can search via keywords or even URLs.

For example if I search ‘’, I’ll come across a bunch of posts people are sharing that have Teespring campaign links in them. I can now simply visit each one and sit there reverse engineering everything to see what I can learn.

I’ve uncovered campaigns that have made me over 10s of thousands doing this, (NOT joking!). It’s worth it in my opinion.


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Written by Mateen