I’ve spoken to a few people that do things COMPLETELY different to me and still make good money.

I’ve never restrict myself to once niche or a few niches. I’m always trying new ones every time they pop into my head.

In the one day I’ll try designs for Pug Lovers, Mustang Fans, Ultimate Frisbee players, Hockey Moms, Accountants, Anime fans, etc. I’m everywhere.

It’s kind of a good thing and bad thing. Bad because I’m not getting to know a single niche enough to learn about what makes them tick. If you know that makes them tick/react, you can sell them stuff!

The One Niche approach is to stick to one niche and keep making designs for them over and over again till you just can’t sell to them anymore. A few examples I’ve seen around are for accountants, grandmas, dragonball z fans, etc.

I’ve come across a few pages that have at least 20 designs just for these and one or two massive ones.

It’s a good way to do things I guess as it seems to work for others. I personally don’t use it. It’s always good to stick to one method till you make it work.

Anyway, if you ARE going to do this method keep in mind you want to be finding a niche that SELLS! Don’t just pick something off the top of your head. Most people will just come up with something like ‘cycling’ or ‘skateboarding’.

You need to do 2 things,

1. Search the internet to see if people are actually BUYING things related to that niche. Custom shirts, etc. See if there are any massive Teespring campaigns already made. Ones that have sold 100’s of not 1000’s.

2. Make sure there’s enough targeted audience so you can make good money. I always like making at least 2k+ with my shirts so I look for an audience of at least 300k. If I ever do this method I’d at least want 1-2Mill+ audience so I know I can hit them over and over again with successful designs.

If the above two criteria are met then go ahead.


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Written by Mateen