I’ve been a Full time Affiliate marketer for almost 2 years. I started some time in June and still remember being confused by all the affiliate related material on the internet.

I know most of you know me as the Teespring guy but PPV has bought in more than 10-20k of my overall revenue, (maybe more). It’s still a good way to do a variety of things. From list building to running $1,000/day + offers, people are still making bank.

One thing that helped put all this scattered knowledge in perspective was taking Davids Masterclasses. He went through exact strategies and case studies that have made him money and are continuing to do so.

The Master Classes are held every now and then to give some of the guys a boost in training. Currently there’s a 2015 PPV Masterclass that is open for registration.

Note: This is NOT for the newbie. If words like ‘Propser202’, ‘Lead Impact’, ‘Pop Over’, etc don’t ring a bell then this isn’t the class for you. This is more for affiliates who knows about PPV already, have run a few offers and want to take it to the NEXT level.

I wouldn’t blog about it unless I’ve been part of it myself in the past, which I have. I’ve done the Long term + short term strategies masterclasses and another one teaching us how to run a successful online marketing consultancy.

Both have giving me a competitive edge which have greatly contributed to my six figure affiliate business.

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There is so much information packed in this class, you’ll have enough knowledge to take PPV traffic as far as you want.

You Will Learn

  • How to monetize high volume generic targets
  • Segmenting users with surveys and funnels
  • Retargeting: specific strategies to segment and retarget users
  • Traffic arbitrage and monetization strategies
  • List building
  • Viral sites and PPV traffic (hidden goldmine)

These are not only essentials but advanced techniques to give you a competitive advantage.

Each class is limited to a small number of people and will take place on Saturday May 30th. The schedule is:

Saturday May 30th from 11am-3pm Pacific time (We may go longer depending on questions)

Right now, they’re offering early bird pricing until May 1st. The cost will go up on May 1st and there are no exceptions to that rule. The early bird cost is $647 ($50 discount) which includes:

  • Intensive live training
  • Call recordings
  • Master Class site
  • Extended Q&A session

If you’re big on PPV this is probably the best class out there at the moment, join below if you’re interested.

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Written by Mateen