What exactly IS ‘research’?

The Idea of research in business is a mix of things. In our case it’s the ‘WHAT and WHY a campaign works’.

In Teespring translation, basically what designs are selling and why, (what phrases/images), are selling them.

The average person would go on google, find a meme/phrase and stick it on a shirt. That’s cool, it might work but it probably won’t.

The more designs you try that have a PROVEN market, the more you’ll increase your chances of profiting. What’s a proven market? one that BUYS.

This is where websta.me comes into it. You can search through hashtags, in our case hashtags like, iwantthisshirt, ilovethisshirt, thisshirtisawesome, etc and see how many people are responding. If there’s a highly level of social activity then wouldn’t it make sense there are people that would BUY that shirt if you target them right?

The way to find these tees are outlined in the video below. Go through it and try it out. See what you find.


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Written by Mateen