Conversion Data is what makes 1,000+ selling campaigns. If you’re not using your conversion pixel, you should be. Teespring have their own tutorial on how to place it in your campaign.

Basically it gives you the data below,

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.18.13 pm


‘Website Actions’ are basically Sales or checkouts.

Note: FaceBook, for some reason, misses some of these. In my experience it only registers around half of the sales so I usually just double this number.

This way I can see that 55-64 year olds are getting me the best return on my investments. I’m spending about $5, (remember half the $10.96 number), per sale in this age range and I was selling long Tees which give me $20 profit!

So what do you do with this data? Well I can make separate ad sets and instead of spending $500 a day on the whole campaign, I can single out this age group and spend $300 on them alone and the rest on the others.

I’m basically focusing my efforts on what’s working.

Notice how I have a LOT of conversions before I make these decisions. Not just 1 or 2 sales. You need at least 5-10 registered sales till you can start to see patterns. If you’re optimising too soon, you might ruing everything so inert the conversion pixel and wait it out till have a good number of sales.

The below video covers this in a bit more depth.


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Written by Mateen