What NOT To Do

Every new person I see giving Teespring a shot, will start by making almost the exact same design of one of the popular campaigns and trying to sell them to the EXACT same audience.

Seeing and hearing about campaigns that have sold 5 figures in revenue worth of shirts is definitely motivational but does it mean you could get the same results by simply copying the same thing and marketing it to the same audience?

Think about it…

Someone has ALREADY shown this design to every potential customer on FaceBook. These, potential customers, have ALREADY made a decision on whether they want the shirt or not. Why do you think YOU doing this AGAIN is going to give you the same results?

It’s like someone door knocking all the houses in your block and selling them M&M Chocolates. Now, you come along and attempt to hit the same block with the same chocolates. The first guy would have made some sales, YOU would just be considered a pest.

What To Do

If you’re going to go for the SAME designs then you have to switch something up.

You can’t just duplicate. Try another angle. If there’s a nice poem at the back that seems to sell well for grandpas. Try a similar poem for mums/dads/uncles/dog lovers/married couples, etc.

If it has been sold in U.S.A, try selling it in Aus or U.K or even translating it to another language and trying the German or Russian market.

Affiliate Marketing or Teespring is all about finding a spot online that NO ONE has found before. Whether that spot is small or big depends on your creativity and a bit of luck. You can’t make it in this business by simply trying the same thing. It doesn’t work that way.

Hopefully this will motivate you to start using a bit of creativity. When you have a campaign you want to try that’s been inspired by another campaign, make a mental note of what you’re doing different to the original campaign. Is there potential to hit a pocket of people that have never seen this shirt before (or anything like it?). If yes, continue. If no, then try and make it a yes.


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Written by Mateen