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REVENUE: $370.00

COST: $458.03

P/L: -$88.03




$3,974.22 U.S.D

Stuck! I’ve felt stuck at around this number for the last few months. It’s completely my fault. I haven’t been putting in the hours. Last year, I was doing easy 6-8 hour days of solid work. These days, I’ll be lucky to do 4. In fact, most of the weeks I’m probably working 12 hours all up and my income reports reflect that. I’m going to make a vow to change this in June. To start, let’s try bump this to at least $5,000. Baby steps have always worked best for me. Setting a big goal at the end of the year, broken down to smaller, more achievable goals.

Focusing on Teespring Gem Videos

A lot of my time this month was spent focusing on Teespring Gem Videos. They seem never ending with SO many topics to do! I spend a good 2 weeks working almost exclusively on this and made 1 every day, (on some days I did 2!).

It takes a lot of time and seems to be help full but takes my time out of launching Teespring Campaigns. This blog has become a bit of an addiction and it’s hard to pull myself away to work on my real business but it needs to be done. I’m going to probably blog a couple of times a week, maybe 3, but June will be a heavy focus on Teespring or something else.

Teespring Minimum Sales Requirement Sucks!

I’ve made so many sales in my Teespring Career that I never got paid for. Why? Because they weren’t enough to make the minimum print order. I think this adds up to at least $4k. Remember, back in the day the didn’t have an auto print for when sales reach at least 3. Some times I’d have a goal of 50 and make 35 sales and they wouldn’t be printed! It sucked so much. In many cases I had to buy the rest myself.

These days, it’s a little easier but still annoying. I would cut my losses by almost half if Teespring printed every order. For this reason I’m trying a few different custom print websites. I’m working with Teechip at the moment and it seems to be working well. Their profit margins are way bigger and they print every order! Feel free to suggest others and tell me your experiences.

Working on Long Term Projects

This was another focus this month. There was a lot of experimenting but not really getting anywhere progress wise. I learned how to make BIG lists but I have little to no idea how to continually monetise them. I think the idea is to just keep hitting them with offers/products at a routinely time while at the same time providing them with something valuable. What all these are, I still have to figure out but right now I’m sitting on 15k subscribers lol.

I better work out how to make money off them or my aweber subscription fee will start eating me alive!

The main reason I wanted to learn list building was to learn one of the core essential business skills. Paid marketing, (which is what we do with Teespring),is one. It gets you front end sales and new customers which is great. I need to be able to turn these customers into repeat customers which is where email list building comes in.

I’m going to start working more with the list in June. I’ll email a few offers and see how I go.

Motivation Levels

Last year I would wake up first thing in the morning and throw out 10 campaigns before 7am. That’s right, I’d wake up at 4 or 5am, a totally ludicrous hour, and get straight into it. Why? Because I was so motivated to increase my income and hit my 150k at the end of 2014 which I was JUST shy of. I had nothing else going through my head but this one goal. This year, I’m doing so many things. Boxing, Eating healthy, Gym, Business, Relationships, etc. When you have too many goals, things can get very messy.

From now on, I’m going to spend 8 hours MINIMUM on work related activities, 5 days a week, no excuses! That’s a lot of time to be spending on launching campaigns/growing your business. With this mentality, let’s see if I can get back in the green this year with my Teespring campaigns.

Focusing On Making BIG Money and Getting Rich

That headline sounded a bit like an ebook you would have bought some time during your IM career. The problem with running a revenue generating blog is that you can get very comfortable with the income. I make about $5k Aus which is about an 80k salary, inclusive of taxes. That’s pretty good for the level of work needed to maintain it!

Unfortunately, it’s taken my mind of the bigger goal which was getting RICH. Not making 5k a month but making 100k+ a month. I know that sounds ludicrous but people are doing it. This requires a lot more effort initially and a totally different mind set. For starters, you need to think it’s possible. Check out Pat Flynn & Entrepreneur On Fire for instance. They’re killing it! May income report 525k!? WTH?

There are heaps of others doing as good or even better than this, it makes my income look like peanuts.

Focus on Systems Not Goals

I’m not exactly sure who said this or where I got it from but it was a good little thing to think about. Instead of focusing on Goals we should be focusing on perfecting systems. For example, instead of focusing on losing 20kg, what if we were to focus on getting into a routine of hitting the gym at 8am, first thing in the morning and only eating a set amount of calories/day?

The more we can break down this process and aim for it, the better our chances of hitting it. The goal will be met eventually as you’ve perfected the process to get there. I’ve found that this type of thinking makes ‘the dream’ more achievable. It’s easy to set a goal and ‘think’ your getting there as you work towards it. Focusing on the system lets you evaluate EVERY DAY if you’re doing the right things to get there. So instead of making another goal of hitting 150k this year, I should be focusing on something like,

  • Launch 10 Teespring Campaigns
  • Launch 10 CPA campaigns/angles
  • 1 blog post
  • Spend 2 hours on long term projects
  • (Get into the routine of doing the above set of tasks every day!)

Eating Habits – A Big Contributor

One of the biggest, (if not, THE biggest), contributor to how much I work on my business per day is my diet. I find the more junk I put into my body, the more it rejects the desire to do anything productive. I feel lethargic ALL day long and the bed seems like the best place to spend my daily 24 hours.

Eating healthy totally kills this mindset. Your body won’t allow you to sit on your bed. You’ll have too much energy of that. I’ve experienced it before. When I was at the peak of my diet, I was able to work all day non stop, with no sleep breaks and still be able to bounce up in the morning ready to do another shift. The more raw fruit and veggies I eat, the better my work performance.


May was more working on my long term projects and slowly getting back into my Teespring roots. You see, to make the profits I was last year, I need to start launching more campaigns. That’s the simple truth. It worked time and time again last year but I’ve been way to slack in 2015. It’s time to realize this and make a decision to be persistent.

See you guys in June!

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen