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After launching over 2,000 campaigns and spending a whole 12 months in the Teespring business my mind needs a break. You can only do something for so long until you want to try something else. This is how my mind works. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing yet. We’ll see!

There is still people making good money with Teespring and other platforms. It definitely works but right now, I’m focussing on something else and have stopped Teespring for a while.

Long Term Projects

I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to work on yet but whatever it is, I’m going to make sure I’m building an asset and not just making a front end sale.

You see, the thing that sucks the most with Affiliate Marketing is, after you make that first sale, that’s it. You get nothing else. This is not how a real business should work.

In order to make consistent money and slowly grow your business, you need to be collecting a database of customers you can re-market to again and again and again. They’ve already spent money on your product, why wouldn’t they do it again?

This is why email list building is so important and as time goes by, I see myself focusing in on this more and more.

Teespring Products

I’ve been getting heaps of requests to make my own products. I really had no time to do this when I was at the peak of my Teespring business but I thought I’d dedicate a month to get this done.

300 Page and 50 exclusive videos later, I’ve launched the below products now available to everyone.

booster packs

Tonnes of knowledge there and I guarantee they’re way better than any other Teespring course out there.

I love trying new things and dedicating myself to make these products was a great new experience.

I’m not much of a writer. I’m actually surprised at myself for keeping this blog going for so long! I still remember hating writing essays at school and totally flunking the theory part of exams. I hated it!

But, if you like and know what you’re talking about, writing becomes fun.

2 Hours of Work a Day

This whole year, I’ve been struggling to get myself into a routine. Maybe it’s because I needed a change. Working long hours was no problem back in the day because I was extremely focussed on my goal.

These days, I don’t even know what that goal is. I’m dedicating this year to learning new things and building long term projects. The income will come but it’s the fundamentals you need to learn at the start of your career to make millions later on.

I’ve been working 2-3 hours everyday for the month of July. Most people will think that’s nothing but I would make sure I was writing a MINIMUM of 3,000 words every day. Not too bad huh? You can work 8 hours a day, but if you’re only doing 2 hours of real, action oriented tasks then you don’t need to bother with the other 6 hours.

This has always been my mindset. When I work, I work HARD and I do it consistently. 4 Hours of uninterrupted work every working day is PLENTY, (as long as it’s consistent).


Cutting Back on Unnecessary Costs

For a good 6 months of this year, I had bought an office to work out of. I was paying about $500/m which is a pretty good price. The initial intent of this purchase was to get a team happening but a few months later I had a change of plans.

I decided to keep the office and work in it for a while. At least my mind will be in ‘work only’ mode when I’m there. Even though this was the case, the commute back and forth was a drainer.

I worked pretty well there but if I took everything into consideration then it was just a waste of money. After 6 months of denying this, I finally have up and let it go. That’s a saving of $500/month,


Always Stick to the Fundamentals

A few times this month I’ve come across others that have asked me for advice for either blogging or Teespring or business in general. It always amazes me how people have massive plans for things but just don’t understand that it’s the fundamentals that get you there.

If you want to blog, buy a domain, get it hosted and start writing SEO friendly articles while commenting on related forums and other popular blogs.

People spend way too much time trying to get the design right, blog about what they love and expect to start seeing some traction straight away. It doesn’t work like that!

Every business model will require you to grind at the start. Whether it’s launching a lot of campaigns with Teespring or Blog posting like crazy, if you’re not ready for the grind then don’t do business.

You can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor if you’re not ready for the ‘labor’.

Aus to USD Conversion Bonus!

I really wish I had my epic Teespring results this year instead of last year. I’m getting a conversion rate of 1.3 – 1.4 x USD when converting to Aus dollars! This is crazy awesome compared to how it was mid last year. It used to be pretty much a 1:1 ratio but our economy isn’t doing too well this year hence the low Aus $ rate.

My 3-4k U.S.D is actually 4-5k Aus! which is pretty good for the amount of work I’m putting in this blog! I’m hoping to get this income up to 10k this year being a combination of other business and this blog. We’ll see what happens!

Moving Forward

August was a slow month BUT I got myself back into a consistent routine, started eating properly and finished my first set of products!

This was pretty hard to do but it trained my, ‘keep going till you finish it’ attitude which I had a problem with.

My approach to anything these days is to keep at it for a certain period of time, give it the necessary attention and focus it needs and re-evaluate once I’ve done everything I can.

Moving forward, I’m still on the hunt to find something long term that has the same, if not more earning potential than my past business models. I’ll keep blogging about what I find but for now, that’s all I got!

– Mateen


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