I’ve written countless posts on Focus and how it’s extremely important if you want to achieve your business goals, (or any goal for that matter).

Having a blog that brings in income is a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because of how little effort is required to keep things going and keep earning a solid income. Relative to most other online business models, a blog is a true example of passive income.

A curse because this comfortability holds you back from working on other projects simply because, I don’t really NEED to.

I remember back when this blog didn’t exist. I used to work 10 hours a day reading, launching, learning, discussing, etc.

Doing everything and anything required to make it. My situation then was to work on Plan A because that’s all I had.

A week ago a logged into my blog and got the shock of my life. It had reverted to it’s last back up which was 2 years old! Initially  my heart dropped and I was in panic mode contacting my hosting service but after a while I thought that it might actually be a GOOD thing.

Putting me back at $0/month would push me back into super man mode. In fact, the periods where I’ve learned the most in my life have been those that I’ve been desperate in. Whether that was financial or emotional, desperation switches the inner fighter in you and that’s when the magic happens.

If you have a bunch of business ideas and find your mind wondering to all of these while it’s working on the ‘main one’, then there’s a problem.

If you find yourself doing the above then make it a conscious rule to NOT work on ANY of your other projects until you’ve dedicated enough time and effort on the one you’re working on. You might think it will stop you from working on your other projects but we need these projects to reach a certain level of revenue till we can work on something else.

Most people will work on something, complete it, have it ready to go but will suck at bringing traffic in and realising the dream they initially had.

Stop restarting all the time. You need to get past the ‘build a website’ phase or ‘write an ebook’ phase. The only way to do that is to work on the next part of the step which is to bring traffic and monetise. This is a whole new beast in itself and if you keep restarting to another project all the time you won’t be able to work it out.

Have a list of ideas you want to eventually get to and rank them in order of what you feel most excited to work on. If there’s nothing there that excites you then come up with something that does. Start working on idea number 1 and ONLY that idea until you’ve spent 2-3 months of 100% effort trying to make it work.

Eventually you’ll get through all the projects on the list OR even better, hit big enough on your firsts/second/third project that you don’t have to work on any others.

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen