I’m still in FaceBook Tip mood, so below are another 2 tips as promised in this article.

FB is Great for List Building

For a long time I’d use FB to sell merchandise. List building was something done on my blog and I never gave it much thought on FaceBook.

Eventually I transferred my FB knowledge of selling merchandise to building lists and it worked really well.

FB is the bomb for list building.

The dynamics of FaceBook are interesting. As people engage with your ad and social proof starts to pile up, the more results you should see due to the trust factor increasing.

A simple ad like the above image with the red border will do wonders. Here it is again.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.30.10 am

The description will read,

**Giving away this custom hoodie**
Enter Here -> ‘link’
3 winners will be drawn
Draw date: xx/xx/xx

Send them to an opt in page and see how you go. The better your targeting, the better your results will be. This brings us to our second point.


Targeted Interests

This is THE most important tip in the whole FaceBook marketing world. If you understand this, you’ll be in the big league of FaceBook marketers. For real. Read it a few times till you understand it. Once you understand it, implement it at least 10 – 20 times and you’ll understand why it’s so valuable.

When marketing with FaceBook, you have the option to select ‘interests’. This is the whole reason why FaceBook is big on FaceBook pages and getting people to like/engage with them. So that they can segment every user into what he or she likes which will then be available for us advertisers to target.

If you select ‘dogs’, you’ll get a bunch of people on FB that have connected themselves to dog pages.

But selecting the ‘dogs’ interest will get you people that are somewhat interest, moderately interested, interested, very interested, obsessed, ridiculously obsessed. You’ll be selecting people in ALL areas of the ‘interest’ spectrum.

What WE want when targeting is ONLY the people that are ridiculously obsessed.

Why? The higher your CTR, the cheaper FB will charge you for clicks. The cheaper your clicks, the more chance you have of getting a profitable campaign.

Scenario 1: if FaceBook has showed your ad to 1,000 people and only 5 clicked, your CTR is .5%.

Scenario 2: If 50 people clicked out of the 1,000, your CTR is 5% and you’ll be charged MUCH less then the above scenario.

Scenario 2 will only happen if your targeting is better then just ‘dogs’. You want people in your interest pool that are obsessed with the topic. So instead of just ‘dogs’, target interests like, ‘big dog rescue’, ‘bark magazine’, ‘the dog journal’, etc, etc.

People in the above 3 interests are more likely to engage in your ad. This is what you want. You might have a drastically smaller audience size. 200k vs 10million but we’re not looking at big audience sizes. We want small but VERY targeted audience sizes.

Let’s say your charged 50 cents per click for the first scenario due to your bad CTR and 10 cents per click in the second scenario. For $50, you can bring in 500 people as opposed to only 100. Which is better? Getting 500 people to click through right? To summarise,

.5% CTR
50 cents/click
100 people with $50 budget


5% CTR
10 cents/click
500 people with $50 budget

Same budget, a LOT more people. More people = more $. If in the first scenario your spending $50 and only making $20 in revenue, you’ll have to stop the campaign because your at $30 loss BUT in the second scenario, you’re spending $50 and making $100 in revenue, (5 x the traffic), you can scale it up and up until it saturates and ROI decreases but even 2 weeks of continuous spending at the same rate will give you $50 x 14 = $700 profit!

$700 Profit vs $20 loss all because your targeting was on point. you see why it’s so important now?

Hope these tips have helped. Re-read the last tip until it sticks.

– Mateen


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Written by Mateen