I came across something very interesting the other day.

I’ve been boxing for a while now, mostly to keep fit and to make use of my healthy eating habits. It’s good to take my mind off things and keep my competitive gene ticking.

I’m subscribed to a few fighting channel and learn tips and tricks here and there. A few days ago I was emailed a video on some experiments conducted on people that were practicing free throws in basketball.

They were split into 3 groups, each group would be measured after a certain period to see who improved the most statistically in getting free throws in.

Group 1 did nothing

Group 2 practiced shooting hoops for 2 hours every day

Group 3 visualised themselves shooting hoops for 2 hours every day

Who do you think improved the most? Group 1 obviously didn’t.

Group 2 AND 3 improved their free throw shots by between 25-30%!

I can understand group 2 who practiced the action of shooting free throws but group 3 to ALSO improve astonished me. These guys did nothing manual, they just relaxed, closed their eyes and imagined themselves shooting hoops for 2 hours. How the heck does this improve your performance? Who knows, but it works.

Relating this to business, it kind of makes sense. People that think success often will achieve it. They’re positive about it and are able to keep pushing through their doubts and hurdles till they get what they want. They have a dream and every time they close their eyes they think of it. They’ll talk about it obsessively to others and eventually will achieve it.

I have a friend that has always wanted to be the ‘go-to’ guy for fixing cars. He’s got an insane obsession with fixing and working on cars and likes helping people. He didn’t care about the money, he just wanted to be the centre man for car problems. This is exactly what he has become now. Every time I go to his house he has random people in his garage he’s working with and helping with their cars. He’ll get messages and phone calls everyday about a car related question. it’s interesting to see how he became what he wanted. Even though it’s a ‘dream’ or ‘desire’ I can never understand, the process interests me.

Going forward try thinking about why you’re doing all this. Try thinking about where you want to be, how much you want to earn, the type of life you want to live. I don’t know how the universe makes it all come together but I know your body will start making the necessary changes by itself in order to push you to achieve those dreams. I now eat healthy, wake up early, keep my workplace clean, do sport, all because they help me earn more money. Rewind 5 years while at uni and I was the total opposite to this.

Your life is a product of what you believe is possible so keep your positive visualisation game strong even if it’s a little hocus-pocus like, it scientifically gets better results so is definitely worth implementing.


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Written by Mateen