$2790.35 + $493.39 + $93.95 + $23.5

(APB Referrals + MaxBounty Referrals + Teespring eBooks + JVZoo)

Total = $3,401.19

Holiday – Again – committing to no holidays till progress

10 days of November was spent in Malaysia. For everyone that’s ever gone on holiday, you’ll know that holiday mode starts a few days before and lasts about a week after the actual holiday. That’s what happened here. I can’t really say I did anything at all for half of November but I did make some major changes to the process of my kindle book publishing.

Before I explain what these changes were, since we’re on the holiday topic, here’s a commitment to myself to NOT go on holiday till I achieve something!

I’d like to hit at least $3,000 in kindle revenue via a new income source before I go anywhere. it’s not good to reward yourself when you don’t deserve it. Rewards can work real well when given at the right time which is why I’m going to do this.

Kindle Progress

I need to switch things up here. I think I’ve done something I promised myself I’d never do. I overcomplicated things. I made the process too long and forgot about testing and validation.

There was a new success story at AffPlaybook. Marco, (he might be here somewhere!), made around 3k in his first month at kindle! That’s pretty damn huge I have to admit. His method? Pump out as many books as you can in different niches until something bites, then focus in on that niche.

Don’t worry about getting it professionally edited and checked, don’t worry about an amazing book cover, just get it out there and see what happens.

No matter what industry or business process you’re tying to break into, this is always the best approach. It was my approach to Teespring which is why I had so much success with it. The reality is that 20% of the tasks contribute to 80% of your success.

Read that again if you need to.

That means, it’s better to focus on these tasks instead of other, small things that might matter a little bit, but in the larger scheme of things drain time that could be better spent else where.

Anyway, back to our success story. Learning from that, I’m going to apply the same approach. I’m hoping to release 15 books by the end of this year, in different niches. I’ll see what results I get back and take it from there. I wanted to make 20 books before I re-analyse so I’m going to keep going till I hit that number.

Reading Quora, (funnels)

I’ve mentioned my love for quora a few times. It’s an app that works like yahoo answers except it’s set up as a feed. You can join topics you’re interested in and everyday you’ll be presented with questions with top quality answers related to your topic. There are some very qualified people on quora, for each topic. Self made Millionaires are plentiful which make for some cool insights.

The other day I was browsing the app when someone explained the importance of funnels. I never paid much attention to this, I felt I didn’t need to just yet but for some reason, I decided to read this.

Funnels can exponentially increase your earnings. It’s the difference between six figure companies and 7 figure companies. Funnels are the idea of strategically directing people through a series of email sequences that build relationships and sell them products.

You start off with a bait to get an opt in.

Then build a relationship with them so they know where you came from, who you are, what you’re doing and can relate.

You then pitch them something small, maybe a $7 ebook.

Then you pitch them something higher priced, more quality, now that they trust your products.

And you keep selling them higher things of value, (of course you need to PROVIDE them with that amount of value too).

I’ve seen people go from selling $7 ebooks to $5k seminars. It’s insane what people are doing with funnels!

I’ve never employed this strategy, mostly because I’ve always wanted to do things for free. My Teespring ebooks were the first products I’ve ever made and I put a lot of effort into them. I realised that making a product makes me create something much more valuable then free content and so it’s a good way of creating value on another level.

It was just interesting to see how real business works. At the end of the day, I have so much to learn and reading quora always reminds me on how much of a novice I still am at business.


I wrote a blog post about this the other day. Routining is the only way I get things done. By creating a system in my brain and following it to the point it doesn’t feel normal to NOT do it, you can reach a lot of your personal and financial goals.

If it was up to you to start work whenever you wanted, I can guarantee that most of you will start work at 10-11am. Maybe even later. The fact that you have a set time you need to be at work creates a routine in your mind so your body becomes forced to follow it.

The way to create a routine that sticks is to make it easy at the start. Don’t make a killer routine that takes a lot of effort and is a complete 180 to what you’re doing now.

Start small. Wake up and sleep an hour earlier. Have a big glass of water every morning. Small wins will help you build momentum and once you build the right amount of momentum, the world is your oyster.

I tried so many times to get into routines that were perfect for me. The only problem was that they were so different to my current routine that they would be difficult to implement. Nowadays I make it easy and start small. Every week I’ll add something else and by the end of the month, I’ll be in my desired routine. This is the way to do it.

Making Things a Process

There is only one way to make money in business. That is, to work your butt off.

In fact, there is no other way to learn business, especially at the start. You need to grind it out. I know people that straight away think about outsourcing when they come across a certain idea. It might be a good idea BUT I feel you need to know some parts of the process yourself before you can start outsourcing it.

My approach has always been to do everything myself at the start till I can map out the process and THEN outsource things. This way, I know what the process entails and I can outsource accordingly. I know how much to spend, I know how long it takes, I know which tasks should be outsourced to different people, etc.

I also find people that want to just outsource things are the lazy type. The need to outsource straight away proves that you’re not wiling to put in the work to make things happen. You need to switch this thinking if this is you. You outsource once things are working well and you need to lighten the load.

Half Done Plans are Better Than not Launching at All

This is true in most cases. If it’s affiliate marketing we’re talking about, then I think I can even go as far as saying it applies in all cases. Too many times people want to get things perfect before they send something out into the real world. Sometimes it’s the fear of their product making them no sales that’s scary. In fact this is the most dominant reason.

A business man that jumps in with half a plan is more likely to succeed compared to someone that waits till their plan is perfect.

There are so many people in Australia that come from ethnic backgrounds and make it big. They would have made tonnes of mistakes but they took a risk and are now much wealthier than most natural born Aussies.

When I think of an idea, I make it a point to put it out there that very day.

For example if I want to make a magazine subscription website for grandparents to learn technology, I’ll quickly design a cover, put it on a landing page with a buy now button, run 100 people to the website and see if any click the ‘Buy’ button.

If there’s a significant number, then I continue, if not, I work on something else.

Compare this to working on the actual magazine for a week then marketing around different forums and blogs only to learn the exact same thing.

This is the smart way to do it and it’s how I’d encourage everyone to approach their business ideas. Too much time gets wasted on ideas that just aren’t a good product – market fit.

Ending Words

This year has been a lot of experimentation. It’s time to stop experimenting and to stick with a model that works. That’s the best way to do it in my opinion and is what most of this year proved.

We have one more month till the end of the year, I hope everyone reaches their goals!

Talk soon,



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