2016 is going to filled with 30 day challenges.

Why? Well firstly, it’s to consistently incorporate a lifestyle routine for an adequate amount of time so I can judge for myself, through experience, if it’s beneficial or not. Secondly, they’re fun!

I’m going to kick it off with a 30 day Raw Food Challenge

Now, I tried this 2 years ago for around 3 weeks and I swear I felt like superman, (hence the name of the challenge). I’m not even lying.

My energy levels spiked, the lethargic feel I used to get all the time disappeared, I never felt sleepy and at any given time I’d want to go for a jog or an adventure outside.

I’d be jumping out of bed at 5am, as wide awake as an owl, ready to work. My focus was 100% and I honestly felt like I had been living dead this whole time.

So what exactly did I do?

I ate nothing but raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds for the full day.

No boiling, cooking, frying. No takeaway, rice, wheat, dairy.

The idea of it is that there are healthy enzymes amongst healthy, organic foods that get killed when cooked. Organic food is also created by mother nature, it’s not a concoction of chemicals and junk like packaged and tinned food.

I’m not going to get into the sciences, all I know is that it took me to another level and I want to go back there again.

I’m aiming for around 2-3,000 calories/day which works well with my boxing and cardio work I do almost everyday.

I’ve split my macros so I know how much fats, carbs and protein I need and have noted the necessary raw foods that I need to eat.

Going from a heavy meat and junk food eater, it was a big test to take but I wish I had taken it earlier.

Anyway, for the next 30 days, I’m going to have nothing but juices, smoothies, dried/fresh fruits. I’ll post pictures of what I’m eating, I’ll write about how I feel and what’s working and what isn’t.

Anyone’s welcome to join!

2015 was a year of experimentation. Trying different things and learning from experience. I did a lot of that a learnt a lot about what not to do. I grew as a business man inside and am grateful.

2016 is going to be a year of ‘getting things done’. I’m going to spend 30 days on all these ideas in my head and get them done. In a way, it’s going to be another year of experimentation but will be more systematic.

Hope you all enjoy new years eve, stay safe!




Written by Mateen