Woke up at around 7am, I felt a little bit better than yesterday.

Didn’t feel lethargic at all, maybe yesterdays first day eating raw fruits and veggies was kicking in. In saying that, I didn’t feel overly energetic but again, it’s only been one full day.

From memory, it took a good one week to start seeing some improvements and somewhere in the second week I started to feel crazy energy spikes.

The third week, I was high on energy everyday, all day.

Today was mostly just bumming around, doing some house work, preparing some food and trying to keep this diet on point.

Someone had cooked some curried prawn and it smelt soooo good! I took in the smell and kept walking over to my blender where I proceeded to make my smoothies for the day.

Parents later bought over beef somosas. It seems like every time I try and diet, there is plenty of delicious food all around my house.

It takes a few days of saying ‘no’ to these enticing foods for your body to begin craving them a little less. It’s a huge test at the start but as you build momentum, it gets way easier.

I did notice one thing though. I took a nap at around 3pm and woke up around 4pm. I honestly felt it was a long sleep and couldn’t believe it had only been an hour. Usually they’re not like that. I think it’s too early to tell if yesterdays food had something to do with it but hey, it’s different.

What I Ate

I pretty much had the same food as I had yesterday but this time I tried to aim for something closer to 3,000 calories. Below was my intake for the second day of my raw food diet.


  • 1.5L of orange/apple/carrot juice (500 calories)
  • 1.5L of banana/avacado/almonds/chia seeds/strawberries smoothie (900 calories)
  • Plate of fruits, (kiwi fruits, oranges, mangos, rock melon, pineapple, watermelon) (400 calories)
  • 4 protein balls, (almonds, chia seeds, dates, dried apricots, walnuts, raw cocoa powder) (800 calories)

I learnt from experimenting from a diet change to eat a LOT but keep it healthy. That’s where a lot of people will go wrong. Most people will allow themselves to feel hungry and consequently, will start to make decisions based on their hungry brain. Don’t let it get to that point. The trick is to never feel hungry. Eat a lot of good food before you start to crave a meal. This way you’ll be able to make dietary decisions in line with your diet goals.

That’s all for now.



Written by Mateen