Third day over!

Today, by far, I’ve seen the most difference in

I tried to take a nap at around 2pm. I usually take a nap as it feels like I’ve restarted my day and am ready for stage two. This time, I got into bed as usual and was not sleepy at all!

In fact, my feet were tingling from all that fresh fruit and juice I had in the morning and it was like I had just had an energy drink.

I eventually managed to sleep for an hour and when I woke up I felt fresh again.

Usually I wake up sluggish but 3 days of raw food is definitely starting to change all that.

I had some more meals in the late afternoon and was still buzzing with energy. Most of the day, I was pretty high on energy. I found it hard to stay still and had to keep moving around lol. I was a lot louder and talkative than usual and just generally felt better.

I remember last time I did this, I felt so damn good! Confidence, mental energy, emotional and physical energies were through the roof. Today was a taste of all that.

What I Ate

Pretty much the same as yesterday except I made juice full of greens.


The green juice was a mix of cucumber, kael, spinach, celery and apples.

A LOT of goodness to say the least.

All up, it was around a 2,500 calorie day. I think this is the part I’ve improved on the most. Just taking in a lot of good, healthy food instead of starving myself and having a plat of salad here and there. I know the caloric breakdown I need to eat and that’s why I feel full and satisfied after each meal.

I’m already feeling pretty good about this diet. Let’s see how the next few days go!


Written by Mateen