Challenge: Eat Nothing But Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

Eughhhh Day 5.

Woke up a little sluggish today. Probably because I worked out the day before for the first time in a few weeks. The sluggishness stayed for about 20 minutes and then I felt pretty good.

I started work at around 9am. Got quite a lot done but nothing compared to how much work I get done if I can wake up earlier.

Ideally, 5am starts give me double the productivity. That’s what I’m aiming for with these diets.

I’ve dropped a bit of weight. About a pound. Nothing noteworthy but it’s still something. I have relatively low body fat though so not really aiming to lose anything. It’s more the energy benefits I’m going for.

I’e noticed my skins gone a little lighter. Looked in the mirror today and just looked better. Maybe it’s the green juice kicking in but definitely there are some differences.

I didn’t crave as much as I did yesterday. In fact, I didn’t crave anything at all. I think the trick i to not have anything enticing at home . That way, you’re mind doesn’t really think it.

What I ate


I’m going for simplicity here so am keeping everything pretty much the same. I just swap around the juice from time to time.

  • 750ml of kael, cucumber, apples, celery, spinach (250 calories)
  • 1.5L of banana/avacado/almonds/chia seeds/strawberries smoothie (900 calories)
  • Plate of fruits, (kiwi fruits, oranges, mangos, rock melon, pineapple, watermelon) (400 calories)
  • 4 protein balls, (almonds, chia seeds, dates, dried apricots, walnuts, raw cocoa powder) (800 calories)

Pretty simple day. I think my body is still in the detoxing phase from all those years of junk so haven’t really felt much of anything apart from the day before yesterday. That was a crazy day…

Let’s see how I feel tomorrow.


Written by Mateen