Challenge: Eat Nothing But Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

I had no time the other day to write an update so I’ve decided to merge both day 6&7.

Day 6 was a great day. I felt really good. Usually I’ll take a nap during the middle of the day but I was too energetic to take one.

I just worked through midday and ended up going out at night. I was out with a few friends till 1am and I was the only one energetic enough to still walk around and do something. Everyone else was talking about going home because they were tired and I was the only one talking/standing.

It was weird. It was like my body didn’t know it was time to shut off. I seem to not get sleepy any more. I’ll get a little tired and will probably go to sleep within 15 minutes of hitting the bed but I just don’t crave sleep like I used to.

Before my eyes would feel droopy and every time I’d think about going to bed, I’d feel a cozy warm feeling. Now sleeping seems like a waste of time. I feel like I can work through a little later than I used to.

Today was a similar day. I didn’t feel tired at all considering I came home at 1am and alarm went off at 7am. My eyes felt a little sluggish and tired for a short while but after 10 minutes I was ready to go!

My body is still in the habit of wanting to snooze a little longer but I felt myself just restlessly moving around in bed, not really wanting to get up. It was more of a habit than the actual feeling. I could have got up and started work if I wanted to.

Both days I had the usual.

1L of fresh juice, a couple of banana/avacado/nuts/strawberry smoothies, protein balls and plates of fruit.

I feel sticking to something simple helps me with meal prep and ultimately keeps me consistent.

Overall, both days were pretty good! No food cravings, not much tiredness/hazy/droopy feeling. I wasn’t buzzing with energy but I wasn’t tired at all.

I think in a weeks time, my body will be pretty buzzy. I’ll get that natural high I felt when I first tried the diet. Week 3 was crazy. I remember just never being tired and always being talkative, even around people I didn’t know!

That’s all for now.






Written by Mateen