Challenge: Eat Nothing But Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.9 Days already!

Today I had one of the most difficult challenges.

I took one of my best friends out for his birthday to the best steak house in town. I had to sit through epic portions of steak and order a side salad to satisfy my mild hunger.

Normally I would have caved in under such circumstances but since I’ve declared it to the blogging world, I fought through it and survived!

It seems the more I resist good food, the easier it gets. I’m starting to forget what meat even tastes like! I know it’s only been 9 days but I feel I crave fruit and vegetables more than cooked food now. It’s weird.

I had a flu all day today. My eyes were burning and I was sneezing every minute! Most of the day I felt pretty tired and usually would have slept it off but although I felt tired when I get into bed to sleep I don’t feel sleepy. I can sense the energetic rushes throughout my body and my feet just feel like they want to get back up and do something.

I’m going to have a big glass of orange/apple/carrot juice today to see if it’s going to fix this flu.

What I ate

  • 800ml fresh juice [Orange/apple/carrot] – 300 Calories
  • 800ml smoothie [banana/avocado/almond/strawberries/chia seeds] – 450Calories
  • 4 protein balls [almonds/walnuts/chia seeds/dates/dried apricots/cocoa powder] – 900Calories
  • cut fruit plate [mangos/rockmelon/oranges/pineapple] – 400Calories

Total = 2050 Calories

Overall a good day apart from feeling tired form the flu. Let’s see how I go tomorrow. I’m sure the orange vitamin C from the orange juice will fix me right up.


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Written by Mateen