It’s been over 3 years since Teespring stormed their way into the affiliate scene. Many people think the custom apparel industry is saturated and even I’ve thought this from time to time.

I won’t lie, I used to find a profitable campaign every 10-15 launches. Nowadays I can go a whole 200 campaigns without profiting form any!

In fact, I’ve spent about $500 U.S in the last week and have made around $20 revenue. That’s a loss of $480 just testing Teespring campaigns. Scary thought for a beginner.

From experience the one or two gold mines I come across will cover my losses and give me a healthy profit in the bank but it takes some time to be comfortable with this.

The reason I still continue with Teespring every now and then is because I find monster campaigns still killing it! I’ll show you some in this article.

First of all, if you’re not researching or reverse engineering winning campaigns you’re missing a massive piece of the puzzle.

Use social sleuth to uncover trending campaigns and then check out their FB Pages. Every now and then you’ll come across something like the below,

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.20.36 am

First posted in September 2015 that’s about 3 and half months ago.

If trademarking wasn’t an issue you could try this for every football, rugby, basketball team in USA, Canada, Australia, UK. That’s around 50 – 100 variations right there.

Or a monster like this,

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.26.55 am

Doesn’t seem like much? Check out the social activity.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.27.02 am

Almost 100k likes!!

That’s at least 2k+ Sales.

Custom sweatpants aren’t offered by many custom merchandise platforms but almost everyone where’s them!

I’m writing this to remind people to think out side the box. It’s up to you whether you want to keep going, keep trying till you find something or switch to another entrepreneurial adventure.

There are no guarantees in this harsh world of affiliate marketing. No one can guarantee you sales or traffic or a stable business. People can tell you what’s worked for them but often what’s worked for them is a result of 1000’s of failures that have come before.

Literally, 1000s. I’ve done over 2,000 Teespring campaigns and a large majority of those have flopped.

As for Teespring, even though I’ve left the scene for now, I still keep an eye out for opportunity. You never know what will revolutionise the affiliate industry or what angle it will come from. If it’s something in the custom apparel niche than at least I/we have the expertise to capitalise. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Just be brave enough to put your time and money to the test again and again. That’s what makes a successful affiliate.



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Written by Mateen