Clearly, I’m having trouble blogging every day about this lol,

Challenge: Eat Nothing But Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

Two weeks have gone by and still going strong!

There are clear difference now being experienced.

Energy levels are high all the time.

I don’t notice it much but when everyone else is sluggish, I’m always energetic. Whether it’s when I’m out with friends or hanging with family or have just come back home from going shopping and my family is tired but I’m fine.

Whatever it is, the energy is always there. At any the during the day I’ll be down to go out and do something.

I feel really good all the time. I can’t remember one time where I’ve felt crappy during the day unless I have something directly contributing to it.

For example I had to deal with my mums phone being hacked with a virus and consequently, her monthly bill coming to $897! She normally uses $5-$10/month so you could imagine the shock on our faces when we received the bill.

Even though I sorted it out and got it waived, it made me feel crappy about the situation and having to deal with them trying to get us to pay it.

But all other times during the day I was feeling great and positive.

You don’t understand the difference in energy levels and consequently the importance of it till you do an experiment like this. I can really notice the difference of the conventional, ‘eat whatever you want’ to a proper and healthy diet.

Our body is our vessel and what we can achieve through our body depends on how much we take care of it.

I’ve also noticed a difference in my healing potential. If I have a flu or something, I’ll just have some orange juice and sleep it off. I’ll be 100% the next day.

I’ve been dealing with a wrist injury from boxing for over 6 months. I hardly felt it on day 14. I did some research on healing on raw food and a lot of people have said they’ve fixed many long term health issues like diabetes, arthritis and even cancer eating raw!

Whoa, there’s a lot to this diet it seems.

I’ve also lost a bit of weight. All up, 3 pounds. My jeans aren’t’ fitting as well and my slim fit shirts and that well fitted as they used to be. Kind of sucks for a naturally skinny/lean guy like me. I used to be really skinny during high school and I feel I’ll probably go that way if I keep this up! Time will tell.

No napping at all.

There is zero feelings for me to nap anymore. Every time I try I end up just lying in bed with my eyes open. I’ve stopped them completely. It’s kind of weird because I’d always nap for 30 mins to an hour just to reset myself. Now I can do other things in that time.

It’s been 2 weeks and the benefits of this diet are quite clear now. I really wonder how it would be after 3 months or even 3 years eating raw. You’d be on a completely different energy and spiritual level then others.

I don’t know how sustainable it is though. I’ve had at least 2 birthdays and 2 weddings where I’ve had to decline food. It’s weird and makes me feel bad for not celebrating with them especially when I decline cake!

I’m thinking of modifying the diet to eating a minimum of 2,000 calories and eat whatever I want after that. 2,000 calories keeps me plenty full anyway and there’s hardly little space for anything else in my stomach. I can easily fill my breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2,000 raw calories leaving just a little space for other things.

I’ll decide later but for now, I’m really liking this.


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Written by Mateen