Modified Challenge: Eat a minimum of 2,000 calories of Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

Today was an interesting day. It was one of my best friends weddings and where there’s weddings, there’s food!

He had specifically gone out of his way and ordered halal meat just for us which I had to honour. There’s no way i could tell him I didn’t eat at his wedding!

I kept the whole day clean on raw except for this wedding. Once the finger foods started coming out and the entree’s and the main, it was an eat fest.

Luckily the portion sizes were moderately small. Nothing extravagant, delicious food, perfect sizes.

I ended up having a handful of calamari, a medium sized steak and a small spoon of desert.

Although, eating all that in a row, I definitely felt it when I got back home at night.

I felt a little tired and I wanted to go straight to bed. Usually I feel tired but can hang around for a bit.

But then again, I danced my butt off so maybe it was because of that.

Either way, it’s too early to tell if much of this effects my energy levels. I’ll be able to tell properly when I wake up in the morning.

The morning and midday parts of the day I ate raw.

Eating raw in the morning is easy. It takes 10 minutes to whip up 2 smoothies which I have during the day. I’m so used to it, my body doesn’t want anything else.

I used to have an egg sandwich or make a sandwich out of last nights dinner but I don’t crave that at all anymore. I see my family eating it and I’ll just walk straight to my blender, pull out my fruits and make my smoothies.

I think this is the firs thing you should incorporate if you want to start eating healthy.

Make a nice big smoothie in the morning to start your day off fresh. It’ll keep you full for the next 2-3 hours.

That’s all for now.


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Written by Mateen