Wooo finally catching up!

Modified Challenge: Eat a minimum of 2,000 calories of Raw Fruits, Vegetables, nuts and seeds for a whole 30 days and document any changes.

I ate completely raw today, there was just no space for anything else.

I like this new modified challenge. It lets me satisfy my cooked food cravings by just knowing I can eat them! Doesn’t feel like it’s much of a challenge, just a healthier diet change that was going to be implemented sooner or later.

I’ve noticed, since I’ve been on this challenge, I’ve been able to work pretty well. 5-6 hours of straight, productive work is no issue.

Before it definitely was. I couldn’t sit in the same spot for more than 2 hours without wanting to take a nap. It was more the lethargic, ‘can’t be bothered feeling that would kill my work moods

Now, I don’t get them at all. I’ll work right through to about 12 midday, have lunch, and continue working.

AND, after all that work, I’ll do some gym work and go boxing to do some cardio.

I, weirdly, look forward to all this. It’s fun and not as boring as it seemed to be before the challenge.

I think there’s a lot more to food than the physical changes they make within your body. There’s a lot of things we just can’t track or compare or explain.

I just know it’s the better lifestyle choice and years down the track I’ll be thanking myself.

I’ve always been advised to get married young so you can still run around and play with your kids when they grow up. I feel that’s not important anymore and as long as you take care of your health and diet, you’ll stay young for many years!

I found this video while doing some random research and reading. A raw vegan bodybuilder!

He’s obviously no Arnold Schwarzenegger but he looks real healthy! It’s also a little proof that you can build decent muscle on a no meat or protein shake diet.

Anyway, I keep finding more and more information about this diet as time goes by. I’d love to go fully raw for 6 months straight just to see what changes happen with my body. I just need to figure out how to not lose so much weight!

I was about 5 pounds down since I first started before I started eating cooked foods again.

If you want to lose weight, just replace your main meals with massive raw meals. Give it just 2 weeks and they weight will start shredding off!

That’s all for now.



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Written by Mateen