What does it mean to be good at affiliate marketing?

Does it mean, you’re earning $100s, $1000’s, $10,000/day?

I remember the very first day I tried PPV, I found a profitable campaign. Does that mean I was good at it?

No way.

I had way more to learn about PPV and as I learned more I started to earn more.

Even with Teespring. I’ve learned tonnes more since I hit my 150k revenue month but that didn’t result in me earning more.

Getting good at affiliate marketing is a very subjective phrase. It means different things to different people.

As you start to become more and more experienced in this industry you realize it’s not enough to just ‘be good’ at this, you need to test and launch like crazy.

The more affiliates I talk to, the more I realize that whether their highly experienced or not, most of them are trying to find a new profitable campaign just like everyone else. The difference is, they’re trying a lot harder.

While the newbie affiliate is probably launching 1 or 2 campaigns a day, the experienced affiliate is launching sometimes 10-20 campaigns and angles, (some even more!).

The best way to get good at affiliate marketing fast, is to launch more campaigns!

Spend 4 hours a day and launch 10 campaigns every day for the next month. If you spend $30 per test and work every weekday, that would be about $6,000.

Quite a lot of money but you’ll recuperate most of that and if you find a profitable campaign in the 200 you just launched, then you might even be in profits!

If you do this for 2-3 months and find a monster campaign, then you’ll be able to do this every month.

You have to have money in this game. Money to test, money to by products, money to throw around intelligently to see where the gold is. This is another difference between experienced affiliates and newbies.

In most cases, experienced affiliates have, (or are willing to lose), more money. More money means they can follow the cycle above.

When I was making 10k+ revenue a day, I was spending about 5k+ on traffic for that campaign AND testing a lot more campaigns.

This is something you have to be relentless in. Test like crazy.

That’s the biggest difference you can make to your game.

The more you launch, the more you learn and the more chances of finding a profitable campaign you will have.

I’m going to follow my own words above and do a 30 day, (10 campaigns/angles) a day challenge.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in 6th gear, most of the time I’m cruising in third.

Guys, make 2016 different to everything else. Challenge yourself in every way. Don’t be afraid to fail and fail hard. Get embarrassed, lose money, (don’t lose too much, I don’t want anyone kicked out of their homes or anything :o), but seriously, make mistakes, they hurt but you learn!

One of my best friends has been a saver most of his life. He saves almost every penny and never tried to invest. I told him to buy some stock, it will open up a window to investment opportunities you never knew about before.

He did, after almost a year of convincing. Guess what? The investment is down more than 50% BUT he’s extreme attachment to money has decreased. He’s happy to part ways with it if it puts him in positions to learn and earn big. That’s the best thing that comes out of this, you stop thinking of money as such an important commodity and you start thinking about it like you would in a game.

Whatever you decide to do this year, do it big.



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Written by Mateen