Challenge: Launch 100 Campaigns in a month and document results


Campaigns Launched So Far 2/100
Profit/Loss -$35.65



It’s the very first post for this challenge which is always exciting. It’s ridiculous how quickly these months go by and I know I’ll be looking back on this post in no time.

General Idea

I wanted to try something different in this challenge. Instead of just sticking with Teespring I wanted to try my hand at other affiliate marketing products.

I used to do some PPV and CPA before my Teespring boom and was cruising on a few hundred dollars a day at my peak. It was nice money and lasted almost a year on 1-300/day.

I didn’t do it for that long and once Teespring caught on I scrapped everything.

So this time I wanted to get back into PPV.

Same with Pay Per Call.

The thing about these campaigns is that they’re more consistent and stable then Teespring. Teespring lasts a couple of weeks if you scale it big, maybe 3-4 weeks but once it’s saturated, that’s pretty much the end.

Google search/pay per call can last for as long as people continue to call. It’s not uncommon to have some campaigns bringing in money for years! Imagine having 5-10 of these? That’s some decent income to add to this blog.

Campaigns Launched

I ended up launching,

  • 2 Teespring Campaigns via FB
  • 1 PPV Campaign
  • 2 Teespring Campaigns via Search

The PPV Campaign, for some reason gave me 0 volume so I’m in talks with their support to fix that up.

Teespring Campaigns via search gave me very little impressions so there’s not much to report there.

That leaves the 2 FaceBook -> Teespring campaigns that actually bought in some results.

Campaign 1 – Tradie

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.38.17 pm

Looks familiar doesn’t it? It’s just like that ‘I’m called papa because I’m way too cool to be called grandfather’ shirt.

It’s actually a spin off.

There’s so many spin offs you can do. The old me would have tried 100 of them. In fact, I might actually do that. The original papa shirt sold almost 40k units which is almost half a million in revenue!

The results weren’t that great for this campaign though,

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.37.39 pm

I was paying almost 50 cents per engagement! Way too much. That’s like 2% CTR which is crap. Maybe it had to do with the targeting but it’s worth testing more variations of the design.

Campaign 2

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.37.50 pm

This one was aimed at soldier moms.

Although the CTR is a bit better, a little under 5%, it’s no where near what you need to have a profitable campaign. My best campaigns have had a CTR of about 10-14% which gave me 3-8 cent clicks! That’s what I want.

So I ended up ditching both.

To Do/Moving Forward

I’m in discussions with a RingPartner rep in getting set up with some offers to run. I’m asking for small tips and a bit of direction to get started.

I need to learn how to make mobile landers but for the most part I feel it’s pretty simple.

I’ve also got to sort out my PPV traffic source. I might just stick with Teespring for now till all that’s sorted.

  • Mateen


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