Final Cost/Revenue

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Campaigns Launched So Far 101/100
Revenue $189.20
Cost $1,798.09
Total Profit/Loss -$1,608.89

Wow what a month!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve learned this much in the space of a month. It reminds me of when I first started affiliate marketing and I was applying the same approach. Launching like a madman and not caring about spending.

As time went on I started to lose that drive. February taught me the love of affiliate marketing again and I’m going to stick to this in March also.

What I learnt

Honestly, one month is no where near enough to be conclusive on anything. People have made money with every vertical and traffic source I’ve tried so I’m not going to say this traffic source sucks or that offer doesn’t work.

Pay Per Call

Revenue $148
Cost $679.99
Total Profit/Loss -$531.99

I learnt enough with Pay Per Call to somewhat break even with a campaign. I could have stuck to it and kept learning but shiny object syndrome happened and I moved to mobile.

I may revisit it some time later. Maybe with a mentor of some sort so they can guide me past the point I’m at.

I learnt how important negative keywords are, what type of keywords convert in Pay Per Call.

The type with ‘number’, ‘contact’, ‘phone number’, at the end + geo location.

For example,

‘dentist California number’

There’s a bunch of converting keywords i know now that I just need to apply to as many campaigns as I can.

Costs are quite expensive on Google. You also need a decent amount of money to test each campaign. I’d set aside a budget of $200 per campaign to test and to gauge if conversions are consistent/if there’s life in it or not.

Not many people go the Pay Per Call route so there may still be a lot of opportunity here.

Bing -> ClickBank

Revenue $40
Cost $158.01
Total Profit/Loss -$118.01

There’s a lot of opportunity here too just remember that a negative keyword list on Bing is very important.

Bing is a very interesting platform. It’s been around for a while but clicks are still cheap.

My second campaign I set up got conversions. I just didn’t set up tracking correctly so I had no idea which keywords were bringing in clicks. This is important so you can make separate campaigns for working keyword -> ad group sets and ramp up their budgets.

There’s also a tonne of products on Clickbank you can promote so possibilities are endless!

I’m going to revisit this for sure.


Revenue $1.2
Cost $186.45
Total Profit/Loss -$185.25

Mobile is a huge space!

I don’t have much to say about mobile because I’m still a massive newbie.

Feels like I started affiliate marketing all over again.

There’s so much to optimise. Carriers, Device, Network, Geo, Categories, Placements, Operating Systems, the list goes on.

This is great because you can really drill down into the exact thing that’s working and ramp up it’s budget.

It’s not uncommon to make -80% ROI campaigns into winners. I feel, you just need to find a somewhat consistent converting offer and go from there.

There’s also ample traffic sources and ad types to try. From banner ads to pop under to interstitial, again, the list goes on.

I think I need a 5k+ budget to test all this which is what I’m going to do.

I’ve also signed up with Adplexity which is an awesome research tool. You can see campaigns that are currently running, people’s landing pages, placements, geos being run on. It’s like social sleuth for Teespring but for mobile.


Revenue $0
Cost $773.03
Total Profit/Loss -$773.03

I’ve been bombing hard with Teespring. Just having a bad spell that’s not going away.

Sure, I’ll visit it from time to time but for the most part I think it’s time to explore something else.

Affiliate Marketing works in waves. The gold keeps moving as new opportunities become available.

I still see people making good money with Teespring. Maybe it’s my niches or approach but whatever it is I’m kind of bored of the whole thing.

Every now and then a design will spring to mind and I’ll give it a shot but I’m pretty adamant about finding another avenue of income now. It’s more fun exploring and learning all over again.

Sure it’ pricey, but makes you a better marketer overall.

Putting It All Together

There’s only one way to find that killer campaign in this industry.

Launch, launch, launch, launch.

That’s the only truth I know to this business. The more you launch, the more opportunities you open up for yourself.

If you launch 10 campaigns today, that’s 10 opportunities for earning money you’ve created in a single day.

As you’ve probably seen, affiliate marketing is an expensive route but what business do you know that can be broken into with an average 3-5k budget that can earn you millions from home? There aren’t many.

Going forward, I’m going to focus on mobile. I have native ads on the back of my mind and am trying hard to push it aside but we’ll see what happens in March.

I’m going to focus on launching more campaigns.

This time, the goal is to launch 5-10 mobile campaigns a day.

As long as I do that, I’ll let myself experiment with other traffic sources and offers.

It’ll probably be an investment of 3k+ this time but all I need is one small profitable campaign of $200-$300 a day and I’ll make my money back in a couple of weeks.

Shoutout to everyone that followed, commented, emailed. You guys rock!


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Written by Mateen