This is my second post in my Weekly Learning Gems Series.

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Weekly Learning Gems – Native Ads, Networking, Mobile Marketing and More!

Networking – Running Offers a Different way

I’ve mentioned that this year I’m going to make an effort to network a tonne. It’s really paying off and I’m meeting people that have run 6 figure eCommerce sites to people that have sold web properties and have been running campaigns since 1998!

The knowledge sharing is invaluable and I’m seeing why so many success stories on AffPlaybook advise you to network network network.

I had a chat with someone who had been running affiliate campaigns for a long time and he introduced me to the concept of funnelling.

I’ve always known about it but not like this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.10.35 pm

Imagine creating something as complicated as that!

You can split test a variety of different offers/landing pages/traffic sources and more.

In fact you can filter and direct traffic based on ‘conditional nodes’ where they have to meet that parameter to be sent to the next funnel step.

You can go vey granular even to IP address groups!

I’m trialling funnelflux at the moment, (30 day trial for $1), and running some offers to see what kind of data I get. You can put traffic through a huge funnel where they’ll be sent tonnes of offers increasing your EPC and giving you a competitive edge over your competition.


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.44.37 pm

YTZ is a traffic monetising platform.

Yeah, I didn’t know what that meant either until I dug deeper.

Basically they’re an affiliate network that specialises in displaying offers that are most likely to convert to traffic you bring in.

So your job is to bring in traffic and their job is to monetise it.

You can apply for campaigns just like any other affiliate network but the difference here is that these campaigns are proven to convert unlike other affiliate networks where you have to do the hard work to figure out which convert and which don’t.

So I’ve just set up a test campaign running pop traffic to a couple of campaigns I’m rotating between. I’m using funnelflux and will be monitoring the exact data that’s converting so I can build a very specific funnel to max the ROI on the campaign.

Sticking to One Campaign Till it Works

2,000+ Campaigns of non-stop Teespring has trained me to test with $30-$50 and ditch it if it doesn’t work.

I’m starting to think about things another way.

If an offer on YTZ is already working well then that means there’s a traffic source and funnel filter combination that I can profit from correct?

So, instead of doing the $30 test, I’m going to go extremely broad and put about $200-$500, (maybe even more!), worth of traffic to these offers to see where the conversions are coming from and then work from there.

Basically I’ve learned that traffic is just traffic, it’s up to us to monetise it correctly. The same traffic I was selling a $20 shirt to could have purchased a $1,300 laptop. We just don’t know but with a bigger budget to test these things we might.

So once I get my head around funnel flux, as an experiment, I’ll be dedicating $50-$100/day towards just one campaign that I know converts.

Hopefully I’ll see patterns in conversions, eg,

France -> Chrome Browsers -> Samsung Devices -> Landing Page 2 -> Offer 3

The above chain example might be giving me a way bigger ROI then the rest in which case I’ll scrap my broad campaign and set up just the above campaign and maximise traffic.

Gaming Offers on FaceBook

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.42.46 pm

While doing all the above, I’m doing even more.

Gaming offers have always been an interest to me but I just never could be bothered setting up a campaign.

This time, I did.

I saw a campaign called ‘mino monsters’ on Maxbounty. It was a Pokemon ripoff and paid $0.80 per install.

Now, FaceBook does not allow you to direct link to phone apps affiliate links.

Well, they do, but they pick it up as an install and won’t let you run it as a simple FB campaign unless you choose install and link straight to the google play/app store link in which case it won’t be able to go through your affiliate link.

What’s the work around?

Direct traffic to a landing page. A simple landing page with a download now button will do.

Once the campaign is approved, change the flow/funnel to link to the affiliate link.

So it will look like this,

FB Traffic -> LP -> Affiliate offers.

Once Approved, get rid of the LP

FB Traffic -> Affiliate Offer


Anyway, I ran $20 worth of traffic to it and received $8 worth of revenue. Not bad for a simple test.

The very next day the offer got pulled from the network so I didn’t have a chance to monetise it.

I could have used funnel flux to funnel the converting traffic to the offer and the non-converting offer somewhere else. I would have been able to maybe, just maybe, make it profitable.

Heck, I would have been happy with break-even, (free data!).


I’m getting that feeling that something big is going to happen. With all this learning and advancing in knowledge it’s really just a matter of time!

You can’t not find something if you focus on launching campaigns.



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Written by Mateen