I started my Blog Almost 3 years Ago Now

During that time it has,

  • earned me over six figures in revenue
  • replaced my monthly working salary
  • allowed me to meet people running successful eCommerce, Dropshipping, seo, consulting, Teespring businesses and gain insight into how they run things
  • establish myself as an authority on certain affiliate marketing topics


The first year was the hardest. It was a lot of hard work getting things rolling.

Traffic only came from me commenting on forums, participating in discussions and basically trying my best to get myself ‘out there’. I’d spend 1-2 hours everyday just commenting around, it was boring as hell!

The first thing that changed the course of my blog permanently was when I did an ‘ask me anything’ or ‘AMA’ thread on reddit.

‘AMA’ is a hugely popular subforum on reddit where people post something interesting and then stick around for questions.

Some Current ‘Ask me Anything’ threads that are trending on Reddit

ask me anything affengineer

Some are stupid and funny, some are quite specific and provide insight into a particular experience or lifestyle.

The Day it All Changed

reddit affengineer

The image above pretty much sums it up.

My blog has always been a part-time thing.

My main online business is paying for advertising and sending people from FaceBook or Google or Instagram or anywhere that allows paid advertising placements to affiliate products.

I’d sell things like subscription services, T-shirts, toys, all sorts of things that would make me money.

A particular month I hit a gold mine and made over 100k Revenue in a month.

Now, if you’re part of affiliate marketing communities like private Skype groups/masterminds or some private forums like AffPlayBook then you’d know, this is quite normal.

People have made millions in a few months.

But for me and for the average person, it’s a big deal!

I sold a tonne of shirts all over the world from Australia, USA and UK to places like France, Brazil, Russia and about 50 other countries.

I decided to do an ‘Ask me Anything’ on it so the next month,

I Went to the ‘Entrepreneur’ Subreddit and posted This,

reddit case study

Before long I was number one on the subreddit and people were coming in from everywhere with a tonne of questions!

At the start, it was all fine and dandy but once the haters came along it quickly snowballed into an ‘affiliate marketing’ bashing crowed, all from people that have probably been scammed in the past.

I should have contacted a moderator right from the start and provided proof so they could vouch for me but instead I gave it some time later.

Anyway from that day onwards, my blog went from a measely 15-30 visitors a day to over 100/day permanently!

This thread got shared everywhere with some news sites picking me up and sharing my blog feed with their audience.

Blogging has been MUCH easier ever since


What’s the Right Way to Use Reddit for Blog Traffic?

Reddit is a POWERHOUSE of traffic if you can utilise it Right.

But, and there a big ‘but’, it’s not a place you can simply go and paste a link to your blog and expect people to click.

The reddit community are harsh critics. Give them something they want.

Spend some time reading the subforum to see what kind of article they would benefit from.

Then post it with a mindblowing header.

‘I made around $85,000 profit last month promoting shirts/hoodies on teespring’ is pretty mindblowing.

That’s almost 2 years wages in a single month!

If I had posted something to the effect of, ‘I make money selling shirts’, then that’s not as click friendly as the first header.

Read your header twice and make sure it’s damn enticing.

If you can’t Imagine People being like the Below image when they Read Your Header, You’re Not Doing it Right.

mind blow affengineer

Make sure there’s an emotional kick, a number and specificity as to ‘how’.

Also, if it’s something really crazy like mine, make sure you provide proof or you’ll get flamed. Hard.

In Summary

  1. Have an interesting life experience/fact you want to share. Preferably with a ‘success story’ type theme.
  2. Find a very relevant and active subforum on reddit.
  3. Post it and stick around for comments.

Now, not all the time your going to get a flurry of traffic like I did. As your thread becomes more popular and you receive more upvotes, you will move higher in the subforums ranking and eventually will be the first or second thread everyone sees.

This is where you want to be.

It might not be your first post that makes it there but try at least 5 times and take it from there.



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Written by Mateen