Is Teespring Dead?

Is Teespring Saturated?

Is Teespring Harder now than it was before?

Out of the 100 or so emails I get per month, at least half of them ask the above questions.

Although the questions are legitimate, the answer is not so simple.

Firstly, let me define what the word ‘Teespring’ has come to mean.

When Teespring is mentioned, I don’t only think of, I also think of other custom merchandise platforms such as gearbubble, represent, viralstyle, fyves, teechip, etc.

Teespring has become synonymous with custom merchandise and thus should be thought as such.

Now, let’s try answer the question.

Is Teespring Dead?

Yes, for those who are going to try to sell the exact same campaigns to the exact same audience using the exact same traffic source.

Yes, for those who try and sell a basic font design to a niche that has been hammered to death.

Yes, for those who don’t think outside the box and copy almost everything they see about a successful campaign.

Yes, for those that launch one campaign a week.

If this is you, then yes, Teespring or any other custom merchandise platform IS DEAD.

Heck, I’d even go so far as to say business for you is dead.

You’ve got the wrong attitude.

There’s nothing for you here.


Let’s Look at People with a Different Mindset – THE RIGHT ONE

Is Teespring Dead?

NO, for those that understand that don’t copy straight out but take 40% inspiration and 60% creativity in to their designs.

NO, for those that focus on launching as many campaigns as they can to test different niches, different ads and different designs.

NO, for those that don’t give up after 5 attempts at something but understand business is as hard, (or even harder), than full time work. They’ll launch 100 designs before they call it quits. They have the attitude of ‘test a lot’ before giving up.

NO, for those that research on what’s working and use it as inspiration to build their own designs.

NO, for those that take time to make something that looks nicer than basic Times New Roman font on a plain black tee.


What Am I trying to Say Here?

Business doesn’t work if you’re lazy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.05.39 pm

It also doesn’t work if you want to make ‘quick money’.

Sure, you might get lucky and hit something amazing straight off the bat but that barely happens and you can’t count on that to happen or else you’ll be disappointed almost every time.

It only works if you work hard, use your brain and ultimately do something that someone else hasn’t done before.

That’s the secret sauce.

You have to do something no one else has done before to make money with Teespring.

Whether that’s make a similar design and tweak it so it appeals to a completely new niche, E.g, Changing a design from appealing to Grandpas to appealing to Dog Lovers.

Translating a design to a different language and trying to sell it in 5-10 different countries.

Finding a good design and selling it on different custom merchandise.

Coming up with a completely new design.

You get me?

There must be something new about you design for it to appeal to someone. There must be a ‘NEW’ factor to it.

Once you understand this concept, not only will you start making sales but you’ll also start making profit because you’re in your own playing field now.

There’s a part of the formula to your Teespring campaign that no has tried and thus, the money is there for ONLY you for the taking.

That’s the space to be in and that’s the kind of thing that can make you millions, real quick.

Is Teespring Harder Than it Was Before?

No doubt.

If you think you will make money slapping some text and a silhouette on a plain black tee than it’s going to be very hard for you.

The successful Teespring formula requires some skills these days.

You need to know how to do small design tweaks on Photoshop.

You need to know how to do uber targeted ads on FaceBook, (or at least understand the idea of targeted traffic).

You need to be able to work hard and long hours doing tedious things you would rather outsource.


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