What Does a Successful FaceBook Advertisement look like?

If you’ve recently started FaceBook advertising or have been advertising for a while but just haven’t found a killer FaceBook ad, then this post is for you.

I have a dummy FaceBook account I use to like numerous Pages that have advertised well to me in the past. These pages are great at advertising so any ads I see on my newsfeed I’ll screenshot and analyse everything.

From the ad image to the description to how they monetise their site.

Are they using wordpress?

What plug ins are active?

What does their sales funnel look like? Any upsells?

A successful ad will have a tonne of likes, comments and most importantly shares.

I’ve underlined ‘shares’, because this is one of the most important metric FaceBook analyses when charging your ad campaign.

It makes sense. Many people will simply ‘like’ your ad but those that go 5 steps further and take their time to share it on their FB page and tag their friends obviously like it many times more.

There’s a tonne you can learn from people that are advertising on FaceBook successfully so in this post I’m going to go through 3 FaceBook ads I’ve seen that are obviously doing it right!

Successful FaceBook Sponsored Ad Example 1: Batman Rings



3,000+ Shares WOW!

That’s pretty big. A Teespring campaign like that would have easily sold 100’s of units. Something like 2-600 sales.

I have no idea how many of these Batman Rings sold since they’re much cheaper but obviously the seller is doing well or he wouldn’t keep paying for advertising.

So what’s good about the ad?

Clear & Simple Image

I’m a BIG believer in keeping things simple. In fact, the more experience I gain in this industry, I’m starting to realise that the most profitable business models aren’t complicated, they’re usually the opposite.

A simple yet secret process that not many people know or have stumbled upon yet.

In this ad, the product being sold is very clear.

A batman ring that can be bought in 3 colors.

Clever Ad Copy/Description

It’s important to note that although the ad copy can make a difference, it’s not a HUGE part of the process.

Maybe the first line or two is important but don’t go overboard with 300 words just for a description.

These guys have done it well. Each line has a specific benefit.

I’ve seen the ‘free just pay shipping’ model on many ecommerce ads so that’s no surprise. A good ecommerce shop owner will upsel them on a more expensive product increasing their profit margin.

Again, keep it short and sweet.

A few lines is enough. Make sure it’s very clear where they should be purchasing from!

General Notes

The ad most likely is a PPE ad, (Page Post Engagement).

People who have tried PPE ads have noticed the amount of people that click through to the website, even though they get a lot of likes and comments, are miniscule.

This is true in the majority of cases and simply means the product is not good enough to buy.

It may be good enough to get social engagements and have some sort of viral factor to it but when it comes down to people pulling out their credit cards and making a purchase, it’s not good enough.

In this case however, it’s a good enough product to buy so the advertiser would see many clicks going through to the website.

Successful FaceBook Sponsored Ad Example 2: Game of Thrones Jacket



A warm jacket that says ‘Winter is Coming’. Simple, yet effective!

Not sure if this is a licensed merchant but I’m not going to get into that.

Let’s just analyse it from a marketing perspective.

What’s good about the ad?

Once Again, Clear Product

All my Teespring designs for double sided merchandise have been advertised almost the exact same way.

White background, and very clear images of both sides.

Again, no need to go overboard here.

Simply Ad Copy/Description

I would have actually had even lesser text but obviously this is working for them so I can’t say much!

The seller is encouraging engagement which decreases their overall cost.

In this case, the seller is using a goo.gl link which is a redirect anyone can do in 10 seconds. Go to goo.gl and paste any link. Google will generate a redirect link you can now use in your ads to protect you from spy tools and will even calculate how many people are clicking through and other statistics!

I use it all the time.

Successful FaceBook Sponsored Ad Example 3: DeadPool Jumper


I’ve seen so many Deadpool products sell on Facebook it’s crazy!

From key chains to phone covers to at least 10 different shirts/hoodies, I’m positive that all up, there would have been at least 500k worth of stuff sold! And that’s only what I’ve seen on my Facebook!

What’s Good about the Ad?

The shirt is simple, easy to read and any potential customer can grasp the product and link to purchase it from in about 4 seconds.

This is key.

If you look at your ad and see that it takes people time to read and understand what your advertising, you’re slowly killing your chances.

The best performers have been simple and straight to the point.

The description here is something that I’d do. Three lines that are very generic and it works great!

Some Last Tips to Selling eCommerce Products with FaceBook Ads.

I hope you guys can see that it doesn’t take any magical secretive technique to get things working.

What’s important is your ads are clear and straight to the point.

You can also see that all 3 examples have used PPE ads. If you’ve doubted these in the past, no need to doubt them again. They DO work.

So will checking all these boxes mean that your ads will be successful from now on?


There is no 100% successful formula to FaceBook Marketing or anything marketing related.

The right product + demographic/market fit is something that can only be found through testing.

You have 100 products but only 2 of them might give you results like the above. What’s the best way of going about finding the 2 products?

To test every single one of them using the above process.

There’s no better way.


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Written by Mateen