I’m no Google Adwords Pro but I’ve made over 50k in Sales with it, (which is still peanuts compared to much larger affiliates), so I do know a thing or two.

Google Adwords works Differently with FaceBook in that people actually search for the product instead of having their daily FaceBook browsing session interrupted by our clever FB marketing techniques.

The benefit of this, is that for certain keyword terms such as ‘cheap pencils’, ‘discount shoes’, etc, people are browsing the web with the intention of buying something.

Now, all you have to do is convince them that you have what they’re looking for and they’ll spend their money on you.

So How Do You Get In Front Of These People?

There’s 2 ways to do this.

You can either build a website and spend a tonne of time doing SEO work to slowly climb the ranks above your competition.

OR you can simply pay for it. This is Google Adwords and it’s what I prefer.


  • You can rank in front of your competition on day one
  • Saves you a lot of time and effort in trying to ‘rank’ for certain keywords
  • Can test if your business idea is viable in a matter of 24 hours, (main benefit)


  • You have to pay for it, in some cases, at least $50 – $100 per test

I’ve done little SEO work in my career, it’s not my expertise.

I spend money to sell and scale big as soon as I find something. I don’t like spending time doing tedious SEO work, (although sometimes I wish I did as it has different benefits).

How To Set Up a Quick Google Adwords Test

Step 1

Select a product you want to test. Let’s say we want tot test these dinosaur decals that I can get from AliExpress for $2.20 with Free shipping. How cheap is that!?

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.37.06 am

I’ll then set it up on my eCommerce store for the price I want.

Some quick googling around and the average price on eBay/Amazon is about $20 – $40 so I’ll set it as $20 for now.

Step 2

Go to Google Keyword Planner and search for Dinosaur Wall Decals. I’ll get the following data on what people are searching for this type of product.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.43.04 am

Now I’ll bid on all of these, (exact, phrase & modified broad)

I use adwordswrapper.com to do this quickly and I’ll get something like the below,

+dinosaur +decals
“dinosaur decals”
[dinosaur decals]
+dinosaur +wall +art
“dinosaur wall art”
[dinosaur wall art]
+dinosaur +wall +decals
“dinosaur wall decals”
[dinosaur wall decals]
+dinosaur +wall +stickers
“dinosaur wall stickers”
[dinosaur wall stickers]

If you’ve never used Google Adwords, you might be confused as to what these all mean.

Google has a few ways of bidding on keywords. You can bid on the ‘exact, broad or phrase match’ term. It has to do with how and when Google will display your ad when a certain search term is entered.

I’ll leave the explanations out for now .

These are the keywords I’ll bid on in my Adwords Campaign.

Step 3

Now you set up the campaign.

For your ad copy, have something like,

Dinosaur Wall Decals
Dinosaur Wall Decals For Kids
100% Removable. Sale Now On!

Notice how I’ve used the main keyword twice?

This is Google Adwords and people don’t spend time on a google search. The most important thing here is to mentioned your main keyword twice.

People usually just scan search results and click the ad that matches their search keywords the most. These type of ads have given me great results!

Make sure you link it to that exact product page, (not the general page).

Ideally you want to set up different ad copies for different ad sets depending on the keyword. This would give you a better CTR and lower costs.

Wait for a $30 spend and analyse from there. It might be more depending on how expensive your product is.

Ideally, I like to send around 100 people to the website before deciding on anything.

Step 4 Onwards

Now, your ad will do one of 2 things.

Send $30 and get you no sales in which case you need to figure out if your product is right. Maybe try a different product OR link people to a set of products.

OR you could scrap it and try another product as we would do with Teespring.

If you’re selling and selling well then congratulations, you now have a winner 🙂

If you’re happy with the margins and overall income then it’s time to commit to building a store. You can go all out on building a store with the right SEO work and making it as popular as you want as you know that people that land on it with the keywords you want to rank for are actually buying.

This is how you validate a business before committing 3 – 6 months, in many cases much more, to it.


Ending Remarks – Very Important!

It’s not about selecting one or the other technique, both Google Adwords Advertising and SEO should be used in conjunction for a business to be healthy and continue to grow.

They should be used at different stages of your business to save you time which is ultimately money.

If you’re not comfortable in spending money than at some stage you will have to be. A good business owner can utilise his finances to grow his business in multiples. If you don’t master this skill at some stage you will lag behind and lose out.

At the end of the day, the person that is willing to spend the most to acquire a customer wins.

You might spend $50 to acquire a customer but he might make you $70 through your sales funnel and monetisation techniques.

You can no out compete everyone else who can’t spend this much and get a massive list of everyone in your demographic. How powerful would that be!?


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Written by Mateen