I mentioned these guys the other day in my, ‘Top 300+ Shopify Stores in the World‘, post.

They came in at number 30.

Pretty damn good.

One of their biggest reasons for success has been their social activity.

The other day I came across one of their snapchat compilation posts, you can go through it below.

It got a tonne of shares and social engagement on their FB page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.57.03 pm

That’s from a fan page with 1.3Million likes. Only they know how many snapchat adds they recieved that day but I can imagine it would have been at least over 1,000. Maybe even over 5,000.

Whatever the case, there’s a reason why they’re getting people from FB on to their snapchat.

Snapchat kicks A$$!

People would rather watch something rather than read about it.

That’s also one of the reasons I’ve been Vlogging recently on my blog because people are more engaged that way.

It’s just how we work.

If you have,

1 million Fans and

1 million Ads on Snapchat,

I can guarantee that you’ll have at least 10 times the reach and engagement through Snapchat.

These guys make theirs fun and funny yet related to their product.

People grow with their personality and in the process start to love and connect with the brand. If you’re serious about your branding and business, you HAVE to get on Snapchat.

I sound like a broke record here but there’s just so many entrepreneurs ad business turning to Snapchat I just find myself pointing to it again and again.


Written by Mateen