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eComUniverse is going to be a private forum for Shopify/Teespring Entrepreneurs.

Why Private?

  • No Spam
  • No Marketers selling you Dodgy products like Warrior Forum
  • Everyone is serious towards making money
  • All information is Quality
  • It allows us to coach you more personally than this blog

Who Is This Forum For?

  • Absolute Beginners – People who are just starting and have a tonne of questions. The best thing you can do is make a ‘follow along’ and write out your progress. That way we can see what improvements you can make and help you fine tune your process till you see results.
  • Experienced Teespringers/Shop Owners – I’ve been running eCommerce on Facebook for years but there’s still times where I’ll learn completely new concepts and apply them to my business.

Over time, there will be enough people there to have all types of discussions and hopefully it will become a central learning place for everyone who wants to sell ecommerce products online.

eCommerce is a huge space and there’s a tonne of things you can sell. Opportunities are endless if you get in now!

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Written by Mateen