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Hit $500 worth of sales today!

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I made $100 the day before and thought I’d test a bunch of different angles, countries, similar products and started to find more sweet spots.


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I’ve hit $10k Days before with Teespring but this is the first time I’ve had decent numbers with Drop Shipping.

The model is the same though so it was really just a matter of time.

Some Quick Tips
  • Knowledge is transferrable, I’ve said this many times. Whether you start with Teespring or Drop Shipping or Affiliate Marketing, it’s the same formula. Targeted Traffic + Layered/Niche/Appealing Product = $$. Don’t feel like you’re wasting time in this industry by doing Drop Shipping when you’re seeing Teespring success stories everywhere. just pick something till you make it happen!
  • Only testing can uncover the sweet spot. No amount of complex ‘niche selection’ formulation can guarantee anything. The bottom line is you have to spend $10-$20 on testing each product you feel has a chance of success. Do this 100 times. Haven’t found a profitable product yet? Do it 100 more times. Seriously!
  • Your store doesn’t have to be anything special. A free theme + a few important shopify apps, (Hurrify, Product Upsell, Notify, etc), are really all you need.
  • If you’re getting a few sales here and there and you feel like you’re still missing something, most likely you aren’t. It’s just a matter of testing more products.
  • Try to target more niche. The broader the product, the less chance it will appeal to a certain interest. That’s why custom stuff worked great because it appealed so well to whoever you targeted to!
Future Plans for This Product

I’ve built a dedicated store for this product and am trying to brand it out so I’ve paused the campaign till I’ve set everything up right.

It has great scaling potential but I just need to find the right supplier. My original supplier discontinued the product so I had to frantically search for one till I could get the same price and quality. This business comes with it’s fair share of headaches lol.

I’m always here to tell you the truth guys. I know we all want money. I know we all want it now. I know many of us need it desperately but the model to make this work is always the same.

Spend money to test as many products as you can, till you find the one that hits it big.

It takes time and money to figure out the process and get you’re head around which products have potential.

Be in it for the long term. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you just started a couple of months ago you can’t expect to hit explosive numbers. You’re still learning the game! Take your time. Take a break if you have to, then hit it again when you feel ready. Financial freedom is a great goal to have and it ain’t gonna happen just because you spent a couple of weeks learning design or set up 5 campaigns on Teespring.

Wish you guys the best!

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Written by Mateen