Damn, I can’t update this blog with content as regularly as I want to. I’m overseas and finding it hard to get some work done.

Nonetheless, I’ve made around 40 Shopify Drop Shipping video tutorials that are currently located in our ecomuniverse forum but it’s killing me that my blog readers can’t benefit from them!

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Starting from tomorrow I’ll be posting each one of them here and making a database for DropShipping Tutorials just like I did with Teespring!

Topics will include,

  1. Introduction to the Shopify – FaceBook model
  2. What you need to get started
  3. Creating a FaceBook Page
  4. Shopify Platform Introduction
  5. Shopify Layout
  6. Shopify Page Set up
  7. Shopify Shipping and Payment Set up
  8. Lucky Orange App
  9. Hurrify App
  10. Oberlo App
  11. Notify App
  12. Abandon Cart Protector App
  13. Product Upsell App
  14. Niche Research Using eBay
  15. Niche Research Using Websta
  16. Niche Research Using Social Sleuth
  17. Niche Research Using Amazon
  18. Researching Top Shopify Stores
  19. Researching Aliexpress
  20. Creating a Newsfeed Ad
  21. Creating an Ad Using FaceBook Ads Manager
  22. FaceBook Power Editor Introduction
  23. Choosing Layered Products on Aliexpress
  24. Using FaceBook Audience Insights to find FaceBook targeted Interests
  25. Different FaceBook Ad Objectives
  26. Conversion Pixel Tracking and Installation
  27. FaceBook Lookalike Audiences
  28. How Much to Spend when Testing
  29. How Much to Spend when Scaling
  30. Instagram Shoutouts
  31. Fulfilling Orders
  32. Advanced – Upsell Math
  33. Advanced – Matured FaceBook Pixel
  34. Advanced – Growing a Buyer List
  35. Advanced – International Markets
  36. Advanced – Onehourtranslations.com
  37. Advanced – Custom Platforms
  38. Advanced – Link Shortening

I know people starting off in the ecommerce business have a tonne of questions. Going through these tutorials will help you iron out all the kinks and get the process right.

My video tutorials are based on my specific process used to generate 6 figures in sales.

Targeted FaceBook  Traffic -> Specific Products

Do this 100’s of times and you’ll find a campaign every now and then that’ll make a you a load of cash!

The best thing with Shopify is that you can build a massive long term business from this process. If any of your products generate sales then we can build out a specific store from then, make sure we set our SEO right and continually advertise similar products further building our brand.

eCommerce is a huge endeavour. Don’t expect to find success over night. I’ve spent many days setting up campaigns getting $0 return.

I’ve spent many days unable to sleep because I have a profitable campaign killing it and every time I wake up and check my phone I’m $100 richer.

eCommerce is fun but it’s a lot of work.

I’ll be posting up the first video in the next few days. I’m also going overseas soon so I might disappear from time to time but eventually there’ll be around 40 kickass Shopify Video Tutorials up here!

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Written by Mateen