What is Drop Shipping?

I had heard the term plenty of times before I sat there and took note of it.

Reason being, it sounded complicated so I never looked into it.

But in reality the concept is quite simple.

  1. Build a website and add products or list a product on eBay.
  2. Make Sales.
  3. Buy it from your supplier and send to your customers shipping address.
  4. Profit

Basically, you facilitate the sale but have nothing to do with the physical manufacturing, logistics and delivery of the product.

In fact, you don’t even physically see the product which means you can run this business from anywhere in the world. That’s what makes it really appealing.

I’ve seen people make 10s of thousands a week.

Teespring is basically a clever drop shipping website.

You make sales and Teespring will manufacture and send it out to your customer.

I’ve been able to have 20k+ revenue/sales days with Teespring so I know the potential in this model.

How Do I Do Drop Shipping?

I do drop shipping the same way many people are making small fortunes these days.

FaceBook Traffic -> eCommerce Website

Once I make a sale, I’ll receive payment straight into my paypal or credit card.

I’ll then go over to my supplier, (usually some guy on Aliexpress), and make an order with my customers shipping address in the ‘ship to’ field.

If I sold the product for $50 and it cost me $25 from my supplier an $10 on FaceBook, I make $15 on top as pure profit.

Check out my test store, grabfrenzy.com I’ve set up and made sales in to give you an idea of the type of website you need to have. This was built with shopify. You can use woocommerce or any other website builder but shopify seems to be the way to go with a healthy developer base so I stuck with it.

Tutorial Videos Overview

These Drop Shipping are going to cover everything I know so far about drop shipping!

I’ve had consistent $100 – $500 days. In fact, I’m running one of these campaigns right now with a consistent $100 – $500 week!

drop shipping on facebook

Again, these tutorials cover everything I know.

BUT let me clear something up.

If you watch everyone one of these tutorials, write down 3 notebooks full of notes and now everything back to front that doesn’t mean every one of your campaigns will be successful.

It means you know the process to eventually find a profitable campaign.

Some people find it with their first launch, some after 50, but you know the process and it’s just a matter of time.

I’m trying to prep you to NOT get discouraged and quit too early.

Drop Shipping/Teespring is a game of numbers

The more campaigns you launch, the more you learn.

You learn about niches, hot spots, better performing countries. You iron out all the kinks, all the small things that can be made better.

But you have to spend money to get there.

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Written by Mateen