Although not much, you do need a few things to get started.

This model is basically throwing traffic at different products and seeing which convert the best.

I want to get a bit more into the nitty gritty details of this model.


What You Need

A FaceBook Page

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Your FaceBook page doesn’t have to be anything special. Don’t pay for any likes or anything that makes you feel you need your page to look ‘active’.

I’ve sold 100s of products from a brand new page with 0 likes before.

If people love the product enough they’ll buy it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to entice them with special deals or an FB page with a lot of social proof.

Just make something simple. My FB page above is called ‘funtree’. I just do generic names so I can use it to test products.

Once a product hits off, you can make a more specific FB page to try build a brand.


A Shopify Store

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Shopify is great. It has all the tools built in or downloadable via the app system.

It integrates well with many third party programs and is just more hassle free then most other ecommerce website builders.

You obviously need a shopify store like the above. Start of with a generic store to test a variety of products.

Only niche down once you’ve found something that’s working for you.

Many people select a niche and then make a specific website around it but I feel this isn’t a good option.

Why? Well imagine you have a jewellery store selling 3-5 units a day but there’s a custom cap store you could have potentially selling 20-30 units a day? You won’t know how well certain products/niches work till you test them hence the ‘generic’ feel of my store.

Of course, now, after some profitable campaigns I have some specific stores but at the start and even now when testing, I test with my generic store.


A Supplier/AliExpress Account

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You don’t need much to get started with Aliexpress. You really just need an account and paypal or credit card so you can make purchases.

Whether it’s aliexpress, dhgate or even eBay you’re buying things off, it really doesn’t matter.

Over time you’ll build relationships with certain suppliers and eventually will be able to simply send them a CSV file with hundreds of orders they’ll fulfill.

In the later vids we’ll dig even deeper and look at how to set up each item above but for now this post is just to highlight the general sites/assets needed to utilise this model.

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Written by Mateen