When people land on your site, there’s a few things they look at before mentally accepting it as being trustworthy.

One of things is your stores pages.

The core pages every stores should have are,

  • Privacy Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Track Your Order

Having these instantly tells the customer you’re a legitimate seller and chances are high you’re not a scammer. I mean how many scammers actually have a ‘track your order’ page?

People think too much when it comes to privacy and shipping policies but know that they’re there to protect you and your buyer.

Since it’s completely your website, you can set your own policy rules!

Return times, refunds, shipping times, delays, etc, they’re all set on your terms.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with the policy wordings here are the pages of one of my stores I’ve sold $5k+ worth of products in.

Contact Us

Privacy/Return Policy

Shipping Policy

About Us

You can copy them straight out but make sure you have a read through and change the places where I’ve put my store names to your store name.

Pages should be displayed at the top of your page and below in the footer section.

The above store pages also send signals to Google that your store is legitimate and will help in rankings.

Remember to state clearly, your shipping and handling times along with the expected shipment arrival dates. Most of us do aliexpress and shipping can sometimes take a whole 45 days!

As long as you’ve mentioned this in your policies you have nothing to worry about.

I’ve shipped 100s of products and am yet to hear one actually complaint on shipping times. As long as you tell your customers how it is and provide tracking numbers, most of them will be happy chappies.

Sure, you’ll get the odd one here and there that will complain but that’s normal in business. Complaints, Refunds, disputes happen but as long as you’re in a profit, these things should just be added to your costs and forgotten about.

Make sure you take the time to read through and have all the things in there to protect yourself as a seller.

In saying that, don’t spend TOO much time on it to the point it’s stopping you from going to the next step. As long as it’s got all the things my links above have, you’re good to go!


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Written by Mateen