In this video/article I’ll be covering how you can find laser targeted interests for your FB Drop Shipping and/or Teespring Campaigns.

First, I wanted to go through what Laser Targeted FaceBook Interests are and why they matter so much to us Drop Shippers/Teespringers.

The primary form of audience selection criteria when Creating an add on FaceBook is ‘interest targeting’.

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FaceBook allows you to go through their database and select individual pages or sometimes grouped pages as your audience.

Now, FaceBook Pages and their audience vary greatly. We want individuals that are ridiculously passionate about our niche. These people live and breathe the niche. It’s their number 1 priority. The more of these people in our audience pool, the better our ad will perform.

So, if you go for a broad interest like ‘reptiles’ then you’ll get a big pool of mostly people that like the concept of reptiles but don’t love it enough to buy your stuff. Why? Because ‘reptile’ is an FB page or group of FB pages that are made up of people that,

  • like reptiles,
  • like the idea of keeping a reptile but don’t have one,
  • like their friends reptile
  • like a video that was posted from a reptile page so they may have accidentally ended up liking the page.
  • LOVE reptiles
  • LOVE Reptiles so much they enter them in competitions and dress them up taking selfies with them everyday.

We want people to be in the last 2 categories. So where would they hang out, on FaceBook? This is what we’re going to use this hack for. Finding these people on FaceBook.

First, go to Audience Insights, (you can access this from your FaceBook ads account).



and type in Reptiles. Like the below in the interests section.



This tool will allow you to dig deep into FBs Intel and find out what other pages these people are connected to! Click on Page Likes and you’ll get the below data.



You can see that people that like the general reptile page like a wide variety of random things.

So let’s dig a little deeper.

Ben Siegel Reptiles is a reptile breeder. If we put this in our interest,



We get,


Wow, way more targeted interests! People connected to Reptile pet supplies, reptile shows, hatcheries, magazines, reptile transport services, most of these people actually OWN a reptile!

These are the interests I target. Niche Associations, clubs, magazines, stores, etc.

Things that normal non passionate fans won’t be connected to.

Use this technique above when you’re stumped on targeting. It will help uncover way more laser targeted interests.

Don’t expect to get it perfect right away. FaceBook Targeting is just something you’ll gradually get the hang of. Just like anything else, you’ll get better after x amount of campaign launches.

In the next video I’ll show you how you can laser target in less than 3o seconds!

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Written by Mateen