Facebook targeting for dropshipping doesn’t take long once you know what you’re doing.

I go through it in this video

In this post/video I wanted to show you another way to find targeted interests, once you’ve gotten your head around what ‘targeted interests’ actually mean’.

I’ve explained this in the last post, but I’ll go over it quickly here,

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Targeted Interests are Interests where the majority of the audience is made up people that live and breathe the niche.

For reptile lovers, think owners that buy their reptiles clothes, take them to events, etc. We all love our pets but these people take it to the next level.

Interests like associations, clubs, events, niche specific shops, magazines,  etc

For our reptile example, think

  • Reptile magazines,
  • Reptile meet up clubs,
  • Reptile rescue groups,
  • Reptile food stores
  • etc

With that in mind, a cool feature FaceBook has when actually selecting interests to target is their ‘auto suggest’ feature. You’ll be able to see this when filling out interest targeting when setting up your first ad.


This will suggest pages that have a demographic pool that is closely related to your initial selection. In other words, it will continually keep giving you targeted interests!



I keep going till my audience size is about 20-30k+. This isn’t much at all but it’s enough for my $5-$20 test budget to comfortably run through.

If I find a profitable product, cool, I’ll just go back into the ad and add a tonne of other suggested interests. If it doesn’t pass the test and I get back really crap results, I’ll cancel it and so have saved myself a few minutes of sitting there adding interests unnecessarily.

With this approach, interest targeting honestly takes me less than 30 seconds!

It’s the quickest part of the process.

In fact, setting up a whole campaign from start to finish takes me about 3-5 minutes. Not long at all!

Sure the first attempt is going to be a drainer in fact the first time I launched a campaign, it took me a good 3 hours! The more you launch, the faster you’ll get at this business, it’s as simple as that.

This tip is gold and has saved me so much time.

Keep it in mind.

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Written by Mateen