When people mention the word ‘research’, it usually means to see what products have done well in the past.

One part of the equation that is often not looked at is what’s selling now.

Meaning, at this instant, as you’re reading this post, what’s currently selling like hot cakes around the world?

This is one way to uncover this and the best thing about it is it’s free!

Go to FaceBook Search bar and type something like this,


Remember to add the quotation marks!

Then click on ‘Latest’



You’ll now see all posts being shared currently with these keywords in it!






Some of these products will have a tonne of shares, these are the ones that are profitable.



You can also search keywords like,

“Get them here”

“Buy these now”

“Just pay shipping”

Get creative with this. Anything that you think someone will put in their ad copy, you can search for it!

It’s a very underrated technique. I’ve been using it ever since the feature became available.

After a while of doing this, you’ll get an understanding of what sells well, what niches are out there, what type of products get viral, etc.

You can even get someone to do this for you everyday and send you a spreadsheet of products doing well. Even get them to find similar products on aliexpress and set them up on your ecom store ready for you to start advertising.

It’s part of your product research system that should be core.

You’ll have a better hit ratio with this technique.

For example if you launch 100 products launched off this research technique and 100 products just generally picking out what you think will work on Aliexpress, you’ll find about 4-6 instead of 1-2.

This is the only research tool/technique you need, the rest is up to you to start launching and learning.

Don’t spend money on other research tools, I don’t use any apart from this.

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Written by Mateen