85/100 campaigns launched



FB COST: $1,940.73

TOTAL REVENUE: $7,447.20

PROFIT/LOSS: + $1,386.47, (Including Testing Costs)

PROFIT/LOSS: + $1,992.46, (Not Including Testing Costs)

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I haven’t been launching that many campaigns. In fact if you noticed, I only launched about 7 more campaigns in the last 4-5 days!

That’s nothing compared to what I usually do.

But sometime last week I stopped doing what I normally do and thought about things a little deeper..

All this time I’ve been working like a machine trying to juggle a bunch of projects and in this time I’ve realised something.

I am My WORST Employee!

Don’t get me wrong, I work hard when it comes to it but every opportunity I get to take a break or go out with a friend for lunch, I take it.

I’ve been doing this for 3-4 years and it gets real boring sometimes.

I also have days where I’m real slack. I do about 3 hours of work in that day.

But what if it was like a job where I would get fired if I didn’t do my work? I’m sure I’d prioritize this and work real hard. That’s where it hit me that in order to reach the goals I wanted to reach, either I had to pull myself together and work 8-10 hours a day for 2 years straight, (very unlikely), OR, get someone else to do it.

What if I could get someone else to launch campaigns for me. The only skillful part of this business is being able to find the right products to test. The better you are at this, the more profitable campaigns you’ll find.

As long as I do this part, researching, then I can outsource the rest right?

From setting up the product on my Shopify account to setting up the FB ad on my FaceBook to even giving me reports for $3, $5, $10 spend intervals.

Sure, they’ll suck at targeting at the start but they’ll get better after 100 campaigns just like I did.

So this is the plan.

I’m going to get someone who can,

  • Set up products on Shopify
  • Set up FaceBook ad image
  • Set up FaceBook ad
  • Monitor Spends at $3 & $5, Cut if they are over $1 per click

Mean while, I’ll take care of,

  • Research
  • Send link of products I want tested

Not only does this save me 3-4 hours a day BUT it ensures that the work gets done.  This is THE most important thing right now. To make sure my projects and businesses move forward.

So, I’ve set aside $1,000 as a hiring budget, started an outsourcing follow along thread on ecomuniverse.com so you can see how I do it, and have already started to give away parts of my business to people to do.

I’m hoping my next profitable campaign will be launched by someone I’ve outsourced the work to.

If I can get that done, I’m even going to see if I can train someone on research and if I can do that..

Well, things will get really interesting 😉

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Written by Mateen