Last week we’ve had two success stories in the forum.

First one was by Perr45 who did almost $1,000 Euro in just a few days,


And the second one from khayal who, in his second day of promoting his campaign hit almost $500 in the day!


Seeing these screenshots now will probably motivate you but what you need to know is that these guys have been part of the forum for months and I’m sure even before that they were working on their drop shipping business.

It takes time to get the ball rolling. To start ironing out all the kinks and just generally having a better grasp on the process required to see success.

Both of them asked plenty of questions and continued to improve with each campaign.

There have been plenty of members who have been consistently launching campaigns day after day and these are the guys I know will break through.

Anyway it’s always good to see these kind of stories. I remember when it happened to me I was over the moon!

You can join the forum here. Remember to go through the whole forum there are plenty of gold nuggets you’ll find that will help you with ecom.

Competition Starting This Week!

The forum will be holding its second competition in an effort to get people taking their business more seriously and start achieving goals.

All you need to do is start a follow along sometime this week, (11/21/16 – 25/21/16) and maintain it for 2 weeks.

I want people to work a minimum of 5 minutes on their business and update us daily on what they’ve achieved.

Think you can’t really do much in 5 minutes? Aha, here’s some clever psychology for you.

If you can get 5-15 minutes into a task, you’re mind will get immersed into the task and you’ll have a strong urge to finish it.

There’s been plenty of times where I sit down just to do a quick 5 minute task and before I know it, 3 hours have gone by!

All you need to do is force yourself to just start something and your body will do the rest.

After 2 – 3 weeks we’ll re-evaluate and see who the winners are who’ll get some sweet $$ to put towards their ad spends.

Last time we held a competition we had over 15 follow alongs going through drop shipping, teespring, instagram marketing, youtube marketing etc. They’re listed below. It was great!


Get Serious About Shopify & Teespring

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Written by Mateen