Sometimes it’s the simple products that work.

I came across this product months ago on Aliexpress but browsed right past it. Some other savvy marketer actually decided to promote it and this is what they got,




Check out that engagement! (18k comment!).

The dog or cat niche is absolutely huge. If you can get a few products working in there then you’ll get some killer campaigns.

The niche itself can net you an audience of easily over 20Million. An audience that size on a viral $15-$20 profit product is BIG money.


Analysing the Image

The actual ad image is simple but it works. ‘You and Your Dog’ is very easy to make out what this product is and how it’s supposed to be used.

I’m a big fan of simplicity and this is a perfect example of it in action.

A nice clear picture defining how it’s supposed to be used. You can grasp the whole concept of the product in less than 2 seconds. 4 if you’re extra slow.

People have a low attention span, especially on FaceBook so you have to be very clear and upfront with what you’re promoting. Hardly anyone stops to read a wall of text or to squint to make out what the text reads on a shirt.

If you make them ‘work’ for it, you’ll lose them.

How Much Profit?

It’s not my campaign so I don’t know how much the total profit is but this is how much they’re being sold for on the site,


And this is how much you can get them on Aliexpress,



That’s a healthy $10+ profit margin. Probably $15+ including delivery.

This is a good price point to go for with jewellery. When I was selling jewellery pieces/pendants, I found the best price point was about $16-$20. Both in terms of profit margin and sales.

Variation Product Ideas

When I do research I look at products like these and do some reverse engineering.

What’s the niche? Pets

What does the product do? Share a piece of Jewellery between you and your pet.

Is there anything else that fits this criteria on Aliexpress?

This is where I browse around and take a look.

What about a similar piece for cats or horses?

Those are huge niches too.

Other Opportunities

I’m fairly confident these haven’t been marketed on Instagram.

Why not try find dog related Instagram pages and pay for a shoutout?

This is where you have to think outside the box and exhaust all opportunities you can think of relating to this product.

You can see it clearly sells, it’s just about getting it to people that haven’t got it yet and finding other similar products to branch of into.

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Written by Mateen