With my brain highly focused on outsourcing these last couple of months, I’ve been revisiting my old experiments with a new strategy.

I’ve dabbled with eBay here and there but never really gave it my full attention.

This time I decided to get my VA to list 100 products for me. I paid him $100, ($1 per listing), and he’s currently listing away.

So far he has listed 30 products and we’ve already made 4 sales! Each sale gets me $20-$40 in profit so things are looking pretty promising.



The Methodology to Build this to $10k+ per Month

My method of doing things has always been different to others.

I like validating my ideas before I go full scale so before I make an elaborate plan to take over the world with my business idea, I’ll set a small test just to see if sales can be made using this idea.

So this is the method I used.

The Steps

  1. Get my VA to list as many products from Aliexpress as he can, (I’ve increased me eBay listing limit to 400 items).
  2. See which ones get the most traffic and sales.
  3. Focus on these niches and list more of these products.
  4. If any sales are made, tell customers I’m out of stock, products will take 4 weeks. If they’re ok with this buy the product, if not cancel.
  5. Overtime, I’ll have a handful of products making me consistent money. These are the ones I buy in bulk and keep in my warehouse.

The Math

Just like anything in ecommerce, this seems to also be a numbers game. The more you list, the more you sell. Cool thing about eBay is it’s all buyer traffic!

eBay also gives you a summary of which products are getting the most traffic, see below.


So if we have 400 products listed with each product getting an average of 2-5 clicks per day, that’s over 1,000 buyer traffic to our products!

If conversion rates are even just 1%, we’ll be getting 10 sales per day. Each product at $20-$50 profit margin – Let’s say $35 profit average.

10 x $35 = $350 per day

30 x $350 = $10,500 per month!

Now, this is all very hopeful and ofcourse I need to follow through but that’s going to be a lot easier than before as my VA should handle most of the listing and customer service.

This is from just 400 products listed. Imagine if I’m listing 1000’s?

Outsourcing – Automating the Process

There’s a lot of money to be made here. Potentially millions if I can get the system right. The coolest thing about it is that it can all be outsourced!


The tasks I need done are,

  • Listing products/Managing listings
  • Customer Support
  • Ordering products/Stock Control
  • Packing and Delivery

That’s a team of 2 people. One to do the first 3 tasks and another to do the deliveries.

Other than that, I just need to make sure the accounts in good standing, we’re profiting and….not much else hey?

Cool thing about Amazon or eBay businesses is that they’re sellable.

So, if I could get this to where I want to be, there are a tonne of people here in Australia that would love to own an eBay business! Especially those reaching retirement and are looking for some form of income that doesn’t require work.

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Written by Mateen