Outsourcing isn’t hard, it just takes a while to get past a few barriers.

I’ve been full-time in this for 4 years now and it’s taken me almost that whole 4 years to look at outsourcing seriously.

These are the projects I’m currently working on,

  • Growing 10 Instagram accounts
  • Launching 10-15 Drop Shipping Campaigns/day
  • DropShipping off eBay, 100 Listings/day
  • Monthly ecommerce Magazine, collaborating with other ecom entrepreneurs
  • This blog
  • eComuniverse forum
  • Amazon Niche sites

That’s a TONNE of work per day and to be make adequate progress on all of them I needed to build a team.

It came to a point I was spending 4-6 hours on my dropshipping business and just had no time to work on all the projects I had on the back burner.

Letting go of control is hard. It’s scary. But if you think about it, all companies that get big, at some point decided to give up control of certain parts of their business.

There is always someone that can do your job better than you which means everything can be 100% taught to someone else.

Outsourcing My Drop Shipping Business Example

Since October 2016, I’ve been forcing myself to outsource work I’d normally do myself.

Let’s take my Drop Shipping business as an example.

It has been bringing in $10-$15k/m average revenue in the last few months since I’ve been outsourcing with 30-40% ROI. Not bad for a mostly outsourced business!

I use to spend 4-6 hours per day doing the following,

  • Launching 10+ campaigns per day on FaceBook
  • Photo editing each product to add to the store
  • Adding Products to my shopify store
  • Researching for good products
  • Summarise Orders
  • Processing Orders
  • Customer Support
  • Little Admin Tasks

After all that, I’d have to monitor campaigns and launch more if any pick up.

It was exhausting and I’d still have to keep up with answering questions on ecomuniverse, posting blog articles,etc

I’ve since found someone who can do everything above except for the bold items. I do these myself due to the sensitivity of the tasks.

I’ve cut my work load by 90%+ and pay less than $10/day for all that. Crazy huh?

Like this, I’ve since found a tonne of people that can help me run my other businesses.

I absolutely hate writing articles but have always wanted to explore Amazon niche sites. I also hate SEO.

So what did I do? I found an article writer, a youtube content maker, an SEO team and put them all together to work on some projects.

dronereviewking.com is one example.

How to Outsource to Make Your Life WAY Easier

Ok, outsourcing isn’t hard at all. At the end of the day it just comes down to putting an ad out and talking to the applicants to see if they’re on the same level as you.

I use 1 website to hire 100% of my workers. Upwork.com

All you do is post out a job, wait till people message you/submit their proposals and start chatting to them.

That’s it.

I make sure people I hire speak great english. Communication is everything and I hate having to spend too much time explaining my work.

All my contracts are fixed price. I hate paying hourly.

I also try and find people with experience in that particular field but for some jobs like FaceBook marketing, I’ll try find someone that knows how to navigate FaceBook but hasn’t done it before.

The last thing I want is someone who can put everything together and start stealing my campaigns! It happens so you gotta be a little careful.

But at the end of the day, not many can spend $100-$200/day just testing products so it’s been all fine for me so far.

Getting Started with Outsourcing

Ok, if you’re completely newbie to outsourcing, I recommend doing one small project of $20 or less just to get a feel for things.

Go to upwork.com, register an account, add your billing info and post out a job.

It can be anything.

  • Spell check my essay
  • Solve these practice exam questions
  • Find me top 100 Amazon niche sites in outdoor entertainment
  • Make me a video of a product review
  • It really could be anything

Giving up control isn’t easy. Everyone feels like they have to keep things the way they like it but at the end of the day, in order to grow, you have to be comfortable with outsourcing.

Give it a shot, hope you guys find some awesome VA’s!

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Written by Mateen