In just the last couple of months or so, I’ve seen plenty of people on the forum finally break through.

Whether its Dropshipping with FaceBook or Dropshipping with Instagram, eBay or even growing an Instagram page to a huge following, there’s a lot of different things people are finding success with!

Philip Makes $43k+ Revenue in Less Than a Month!
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One of the coolest things about having this free DropShipping forum is seeing people join with almost 0 experience, go through the training, take massive action and achieve something like the above!

you can read Philips Journey here to see how it turned into the DropShipping Success Story.

He achieved this on his 30th launch which is REALLY good.

The thing with Dropshipping and FaceBook is that you just don’t know when you’re going to find something that will just smash the ball right out of the park.

Those break-even campaigns to $1-$2k profit campaigns all suddenly look tiny compared to these.

This is why I love FaceBook marketing because once you have a profitable campaign you can scale it to 100s of thousands of people that can potentially buy your product.

FaceBook and DropShipping is Still a Gold Mine

Honestly, there is still so much money to be made in this business. The above is all from just one product!

And there are literally 100s of thousands if not millions of products to test around the globe to almost 200 different countries on many different traffic platforms.

Not to mention the amount of new products and innovations that come out on the daily.

There are still people doing $10k+ days as I’m writing this article.

The thing is that it takes some time to get past all those newbie hurdles till you just get to the point of launching products but once you’re there all it is now is a numbers game.

Launch and repeat.

Experience will Set you Apart

The longer you stay hammering away at a certain industry the more of an advantage you will gain over others.

Particularly with Dropshipping, after a while you will be able to,

  • Have systems in place to execute 10-20 campaign launches daily with just 30 minutes of your time
  • Negotiate prices with suppliers to allow only you to be profitable with certain products
  • Have access to certain FB audiences that no one else does
  • Have access to websites that aren’t that popular but still have a lot of potential
  • And much much more

Honestly, there is so much you will learn that will allow you to stay ahead of others.

This is why I know when people are going to reach success when I see the continually attempting to break through.

If you’re the type to get excited, dream big, then give up after you encounter some difficulties, this business or any business rather is not for you.

I still struggle daily to get past setbacks that throw me off

From employees quitting to tax rules changing to disputes threatening both my Paypal and Shopify accounts to my websites being attacked by hackers.

Running a business is like constantly fighting fires.

Almost every day you feel like you’re business is going to crash but you’re the man that has the skills to make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s what makes you confident in your business to keep going and building it into an empire.

Ending Remarks

Anyone can do this with the right attitude. It’s mostly a mental thing.

I used to think that business success comes through a certain mindset which you either have or you don’t. This is only part true.

I will admit, to be successful in business you need to enjoy making money. It needs to be more than just a ‘thing on the side’. Business for me is an obsession.

But this obsession came after finding success again and again to the point you get hooked.

It’s also something that starts to shape you completely differently from the common human being who is usually in a job that limits their time and creativity.

How can you not enjoy being creative?


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Written by Mateen